Chinese people had something like Middle Age agriculture before we had properly recorded history.

Muslims had medicine that actually worked when Europeans still think blood letting solves 90% of illness.

Both "algebra" and "algorithm" are words originally from Arabic.

Greek Philosophy? You mean world philosophy brought to you by Muslim translators?

Gutenberg (~1436): I invented printing.

Jin Dynasty (1115–1234): Hold that thought kid.

Gutenberg (~1436): I invented printing.

Cai Lun (200 CE): You wouldn't have anything to print *on* without me. You're welcomed.

Egyptians were the first people to keep cats since the way the Niles work means they need to store grains for a long time and vermin is a deadly problem.

Legends said that Alexander III of Macedon once had to execute a soldier of his for accidentally killing a kitten since the Egyptian city that worshiped Bast (the goddess of cats) told him: "Execute the cat-killer or we riot."

Also let's not forget the earliest humans are from Africa so many things - storytelling, religions, etc - were invented there.

If we wanted to do the gross "fantasy equivalent culture" BS that TTRPG likes a lot, by all measures POCs should be the ancient race who lives in magical realms while white people are barbaric raiders, not the other way around!

Pyramids and the Great Wall were built thousand of years before white people built...anything.

Muslims had a Renaissance Man in Avicenna centuries before the Renaissance.

@DissidentKitty AND EVEN THEN it was the Abbasid Caliphate which took Chinese paper technology to the west

@DissidentKitty They were the first humans to realize who the best species on Earth is.

@anarchiv @raspberry_boy Thanks for letting me know, I'm not as familiar with Mesopotamian history.

@DissidentKitty one of my favourite facts about cats in ancient Egypt is that the word for them was Mau. :D

@PsyChuan The reason why I mistakenly thought Egyptians were the first ones to keep cats when it's really Mesopotamian is because Chinese people got our cats from the Egyptians, which is why they are also called Mau in Mandarin.

@PsyChuan I'm not certain about this but Arabian merchants might be involved. Again.

@DissidentKitty I hate that trope so much. In my setting humans are as varied as they are irl and non-humans have cultures alien to anyone on earth, not analogues to racist stereotypes

@equals_w_equals @DissidentKitty I'm curious about the non-human cultures. The idea of completely alien culture fascinates me. Do you want to tell me more about your setting (especially the non-human cultures)?

@LunaDragofelis @DissidentKitty for example, fey creatures like elves take inspiration from pratchett and traditional folk tales rather than tolkien/d&d. They're allergic to iron and project unnatural glamour. Players can be fey, but fey npcs are rare and tend more to provide (possibly double-edged) aid to spellcasters

@LunaDragofelis @DissidentKitty humming and harring about including dwarves. If I do, instead of being an anti-semitic stereotype, they're essentially earth elementals (hence their preference for the underdark) and build fortresses because they're natural adventurers rather than due to greed

@LunaDragofelis @DissidentKitty I'm including "monsters" from d&d as playable characters and friendly npcs (kobolds, goblins, orcs) and monsters are more natural hazards (dangerous creatures; slimes, oozes and molds) or big-o Outsiders (mind flayers, demons)

@LunaDragofelis @DissidentKitty I think fantasty, like other sf, is basically a reflection of the society that spawned it along with hopes for the future. So for my setting I want it to, instead of reflecting mid-century racist white attitudes, reflect a vision for a better world from the viewpoint of today.

Of course I'm white myself so I have to approach the whole genre with a critical eye. So many unconscious biases are reflected in fantasy :/

@DissidentKitty the idea of a pre history high technology white civilisation was literally a fascist myth that is still pushed by many. traditional western fantasy perpetuates that shit so much

@DissidentKitty ye shut up we build some sick ass huts out of literally shit and straw

@DissidentKitty I think this is actually quite common, at least for Egypt. Probably because they also want the advanced "race" to be "exotic".

To avoid it clashing with their white supremacy, they usually put something about the decadency of old empires.

@DissidentKitty along with the work of Heron of Alexandria and the rest of the treasure in the Toledo Library.

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