PSA: If you're doing research but don't have access to a university library, you should definitely *not* use a website to pirate a large amount of journal articles. That would be illegal and wrong. I post this link so you can bear witness to this unlawful activity.

@KitsuneAlicia Thank you for contributing to our totally legal endeavor to put illegal activities under scrutiny, comr - I mean, fellow Capitalist!

@KitsuneAlicia @DissidentKitty the sugar thing is mostly a myth, unfortunately

Sugared concrete does set, it just takes longer, and it requires a lot more sugar than that (.2 sugar, aka 4 pounds per ton, will slow the setting rate by about 9-11 hours. You can read papers on this as its a technique used by actual construction workers when they need more time to work the concrete before it sets)

@Satsuma @DissidentKitty Shucks. At least it's still useful in combination with other tactics. Slow the setting enough to where you can come back later and knock it all down.

Hit-and-run stuff like that is a key part of guerrilla warfare, which is the most common (and most successful) way anarchists have historically combatted fascism and totalitarianism.

@KitsuneAlicia @Satsuma Guerilla is the most ethical way to run an armed insurrection against a state. Conventional warfare always favors the state, while punishment strategy aka terrorism is highly unethical.

@DissidentKitty @Satsuma And the fact that guerrilla warfare works regardless of numbers (see the USA's failed invasion of Vietnam) means we don't need to force people to fight. We can go on a strictly volunteer basis so that no one's rights are violated.

@KitsuneAlicia @Satsuma @DissidentKitty
wouldn't that be useful to make cracks form? would any other additive work?

@Satsuma @KitsuneAlicia @DissidentKitty I want to point out 4lbs per ton doesn't seem like that much sugar but one ton of concrete is really really not very much. Basically, bring a LOT of sugar

@Satsuma Just gonna throw my two-cents in and say that in a big construction project, a 9 hour delay can upset the entire timetable and give workers an opportunity for a slowdown or to implement other forms of sabotage, beyond the concrete (pun intended) consequence of wasting "money". @KitsuneAlicia @DissidentKitty

@DissidentKitty also if you need textbooks you definitely shouldn't pirate them from because it would be bad for capitalism

@becky Indeed, how do you do, fellow Capitalists? What legal things that don't hurt Capitalism have we been up to these days?

@DissidentKitty As a researcher I think it would be illegal, but not wrong.

@DissidentKitty You would be a naughty person if you downloaded PDFs and EPUBs of books illegally on

@DissidentKitty weird that link got into my bookmarks? I'll keep it there to remind myself that that is the website I shouldn't use

@DissidentKitty you should also definitely *not* try to get your textbooks on Library Genesis, which can be found here

I would like to say that Library Genesis is an evil platform and that you should *never* use it, or any of it's many mirrors. Please *don't* strip DRM from your textbooks and upload them there. But if you were going to, Kindle DRM is thorougly broken and you can return the ebooks after you strip it...

@jacethechicken @DissidentKitty
I sure hope the DRM on books from Springer Link is unbreakable and no one will get my text books for free.

@DissidentKitty Research is not property. Information desires to be free. Let it be liberated! #PropertyIsTheft

@DissidentKitty Additional PSA: I have a uni account (for now I'm planning on stopping) so I can get them. If you need something, DM me and I'll get them for you if I can

@secretlySamantha @DissidentKitty I'm a freshman at uni and I'm planning on actually graduating, so I'll have access for another 3 years. maybe DM me if you need anything ;)

@DissidentKitty shaking my head looking at these alternative mirrors for when that website gets taken down!

@DissidentKitty Oh gosh, that would be breaking the law. I would never do such a thing to share information and further the collective knowledge of humanity. How awful!

@InvaderXan Indeed. How do you do, fellow law-abiding citizens? What totally legal activities have we been up to these days?

@DissidentKitty @InvaderXan

Definitely not configuring my Zotero library to automagically download paywalled research into my library from SciHub. That would make violating the law too easy...

@DissidentKitty If you also wanted to DM this current library science student for something you can't find, I would of course refuse to email you stuff. Totally. >_>;; <_<;;;

Just ask someone who is at an university to download it for you :)

@DissidentKitty Also, please do not use or one of the alternative scihub links like, just think of the poor publishers that add so much value to the papers!
@DissidentKitty I'm surprised I'm even able to access that website when I have access to a college library already.

maybe my college is telling me something

@DissidentKitty one of the things I actually like about my employer is that it bullies the relevant conferences and journals into accepting my work under non-exclusive copyright; we make it available on our web site for free.

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