"real world"
-implies some intrinsic importance
-is really relative and subjective
-sounds boring af

-doesn't cheapen online relationships
-is simply the opposite of cyberspace
-sounds cyberpunk af

@DissidentKitty I find the 'real world' and IRL terms annoying. Like many, I'm trapped at home much of the time by a chronic illness, and online has been a life saver. I've met some wonderful people online and I value friendships online the same as meatspace. There are some weeks when apart from my partner, chatting to people online is my only other connection to the world.

Pirates in Sweden tried to get AFK in as a nice 'neutral' term.

@DissidentKitty I'm partial to "dirtspace" to avoid the icky connotations of a space full of meat.

@DissidentKitty don't give meat supremacists the space.

I vote vacuumspace, because everything is in vacuum. Like, i am in vacuum, but there is air too.

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