@DissidentKitty I wanna run a demoscene plasma effect on this thing.

That's a bsod made art! Well, at least windows 10 can work for something! :thinkhappy:

@DissidentKitty Took a few seconds before I understood what the eff I was looking at :D

@DissidentKitty Ernest project idea: have a bunch of digital frames with what look like error messages in them but which actually have interesting content in the white on blue text.

image caption: Electronic pillars in a mall, but instead of showing you ads, they have a blue screen of death displayed on them.

@DissidentKitty this is a stupid meme, but in this particular case i invite the reader to consider the curved surfaces in three-dimensional space and how they deconstruct the so-called virtual reality of the simulated three-dimensional space of the game, in turn its dystopian zeerust hell-space (hell/space, or as i've taken to calling it, hell plus space) looming twistedly in a deconstruction of ours

@DissidentKitty Wow, I love how ambitious Jenny Holzer has been getting lately

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