"Your money or your life!"
"Bold of you to assume I have money and don't want to die."

@DissidentKitty ahhh individualism. "The individual is the ultimate arbiter over their own life and is in control" is quite a preposterous proposition and yet most people take it at face value and blame themselves when bad things happen to them up to and including being robbed. "I can't control other people so it has to be my fault somehow, other people are entirely unaccountable."

@DissidentKitty When I used to get robbed at gunpoint for the hilarious total of $20 in each cash register while working at 7-Eleven, I'd just say "here ya go, buddies! have a good night. sorry there isn't more to be had!" and then i mostly stopped getting robbed at work and then they started robbing the pearl clutching racist who worked nights on my days off. good times. :blobcatsip:

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