People are always like "In an anarchy, the biggest gang would just take over and control everything!", and I'd be like "Bitch what do you think the billionaire Capitalists and their Libertarian boot-lickers are? "

@DissidentKitty anarcho capitalism is just capitalism without capitalism pretending not to be gang warfare

@DissidentKitty "The problem with anarchy is... *describes problems with the current state of affairs*"

@GreenandBlack That is a surprisingly common occurrence when Centrist and right-wingers trying to argue against left-wing politics: more often than not the problem they raised are issues that already exist.


Anarchy is when it's the warriors and you're only on top if you have the resources to outfit and operate a themed gang.

If you can't get Baseball Uniforms for 58 people you might as well give up right there.

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