So the new Modern Warfare game just straight-up lies about a US war crime and makes it a Russian one because it needs the US to be the good guys.

*Military shooter takes a US war crime and blame it on another country*

Gamers: "It's just a game lol"

*Military shooter has a woman on the cover*

Gamers: "ACTUALLY"


It's just a game
Just as capitalism is just a game
Just as drone strikes on weddings are just a game
Just as our dead-or-ptsd soldiers are pawns in, you guessed it, just a game to make more largest numbers for people in luxury cars and penthouses doing cocaine and playing: games. On the stock market. With game houses and game families.

Hunters hunt game.

Shit this is much more intense than intended.


Politicians hide themselves away
They only started the war
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that all to the poor, yeah!
Time will tell on their power minds
Making war just for fun
Treating people just like pawns in chess
Wait till their judgment day comes, yeah!

@DissidentKitty Ahh, the two possible perpetrators of a war crime: Russia and 'political'.

Maybe Dark? 

@DissidentKitty women existing and doing things is the REAL war crime

@DissidentKitty Actually, the game dev wanted to bring attention to the war crime, and that's why they included it.

It's not as if any publisher would take a game where the USA is an antagonist

@fluffy Admitting that you have made mistake in the past doesn't make you a villain, it just shows you're mature and capable of reflection. By blaming their crime on someone else, they show their toddler's Solipsism: everything under the sky is rightfully theirs and they can never be wrong.

@DissidentKitty huh?

who made a mistake, the gamedevs?

It's pretty simple, there was a war atrocity. They could have made something up, but they picked a name that would get this atrocity in the news. Now we're talking about it, and people are realizing that the US commits war crimes.

Sounds like the gamedevs did the right thing. And they also put out a product that will sell.

Sounds like you have a very surface level understanding of the thing, or are very confused. It's quite silly that I, as just some blobcat, have to explain this to you.


So if I killed some people and go to the news and say you did it, it's a moral good since I brought the the death to people's attention, even though I completely twisted the facts?

Looks like you don't understand anything at all. You're just another crying baby, clutching the leg of Daddy America because you're too weak and stupid to think for yourself.

I feel sorry for you.

@DissidentKitty are you drunk kitty?

the gamedevs didn't kill anyone

they made a game :blobcatelf:


Change the mood
Change how people vote
People want to argue that the truth would never get published
But the necessary thing with war crimes is to get that sense of disgust which doesn't happen if you blame someone else

MW is literally a grab for military recruitment.

@DissidentKitty it's the most MATURE and IMPORTANT COD with THINGS TO SAY.

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