Linux users are wizards: they do more work for the same functions, but in exchange they get more flexibility and power.

Windows users are sorcerer: they get innate support and intuitive functions, but not nearly as many tricks as the wizards.

Mac users are warlocks: they bonded their souls to a malevolent power that doesn't actually care about them.

@astheroth @DissidentKitty Speaking of which, just out of curiosity, is it still going as Plan 9? Because I had thought it had morphed into Inferno OS at some point.

@DissidentKitty does that mean a WSL user is an Ultimate Magus?


Damb I don't want to be a Mac user but warlock is my aesthetic

@DissidentKitty I remember when people posting things like this would've swapped the last two

Hey, I know Apple doesn't really care, but Windows is far more evil, and not only have I seen ZERO professional-grade design software for Linux, I shouldn't have to run myself ragged getting it to run.

(Full Disclosure: Mac user since 1985)

@DissidentKitty I disagree, Windows is much more evil and Linux is much less powerful

@DissidentKitty On the upside, Tim Cook isn't a pedo apologist, so mac users have that going for them vis-a-vis GNU/Linux users


I've never seen three choices I liked less. fuck this menu. where is the salad bar

@DissidentKitty I dual boot haiku and plan nine on my laptop and use dragonflybsd on my desktop. I am a lich.

@DissidentKitty Hm...I think I'm going to have to disagree with you on Mac. Bonded their souls, sure! But I think Apple actually cares about its customers, unlike most big software companies.

Just not its *developers* / power users. :P I'd say they care a little *too* much, honestly.

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