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Since the developer of *Heartbeat* never seem to have apologized for all the transphobia, I feel compelled to remind people that:

(1) doesn't check the validity of a mail domain, which means you can get an account with an "e-mail" like terf@go2.hell

(2) lets you rate games without having to buy them.

I once had a literature teacher comparing American superhero to Chinese wuxia, which in retrospect is a really bad take: superhero is arguably yet another fantastical manifestation of Western Colonialism and Imperialism, where might and right are intrinsically linked together; meanwhile wuxia had always been created as sideways critiques of the establishment - *Water Margin/Outlaws of the Marsh/all Men Are Brothers/Men of the Marshes/The Marshes of Mount Liang*, one of the ur-example of the wuxia genre, is literally based on the expression *"the government forces the people to rebel"*, and emphasizes the idea that *"(all people) within the four seas are brothers"*.

@byttyrs sports have always been an expression and excuse for a civilization's exertion of power over, and mandating of tribalistic unity among, its subjects - olympics, gladiators, chariot races,...

Yeah I'm a Centrist:

C - Conservative
e - in
n - denial
t -
r -
i -
s -
t -

if you're having trouble visualizing the recursive centaur i've made this helpful reference

Gatekeeping, Twatter :birdsite: 

Centrists be like:
:drake_dislike: Media being controlled by the Party in a Communist regime.
:drake_like: Media being controlled by the elites in a free and open "democracy".

Toxic Nerd Take, Google 

Anti-racist skinheads raise their fists in solidarity with black power group circa 1980s.

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