fastest girlcock in the wild wild west

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the cock of the walk

the slickest dick that has so many tricks

say howdy to her

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@DirectorBlack Slipping your smoking girlcock back into your panties before walking away.


@violet those robber baron outlaws won't know what hit them

re: Lewd 

@DirectorBlack They'll probably call back later though :smirkingfox:

@00dani why you gotta come out with guns blazing commenting like this to a film fan 😭

@violet @00dani catch me reviewing every movie with the main criticism being that the protagonist isn't trans

@DirectorBlack @00dani Pretty good reason to give all movies 1.2/10 stars tbh.

@violet @00dani all movies that don't have a trans protagonist are bad, save for end of eva

@DirectorBlack @00dani Yeah, we're glad there's no trans protagonist there tbh, otherwise they'd get fucked up in ways that'd really be awful. :(

@violet @00dani side note: even tho i don't really vibe with the shinji is trans theory for personal reasons, i fucking love it nonetheless

@DirectorBlack @violet wait, there are movies where the protagonist isn't trans????? since when :blobcattilt:

@DirectorBlack @violet which movies have cis protagonists?? they must be pretty rare

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