Seeing Google getting used always reminds me on their strong monopole :(

Alternatives exist!

@carcinopithecus F12, edit the text to fake it.. like whoever did the Google version 😝

@handle oh yeah, totally forgot that could be used for things other than evading noscript blockers on news sites

@DirectorBlack why would you raise my hopes and then dash them 😢

@DirectorBlack I couldn't find anything realistic for 69420 but if we survive capitalism til 2054 we can celebrate 42069 days until 4/20, 2169...

@DirectorBlack objection, i'd like to make an objection your honour, this is clearly false

@DirectorBlack your honour !!!!!!!!!! lies!!!!!! lies in the court room!!!!!!!!!

@pearshapes this court can suck my girlcock for all i care and the judicial system can go fuck itself for targeting a trans person

i rest my case, your honor

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