The new simpsons episode has Bart literally saying "They ruined my childhood" over an all-female Itchy and Scratchy reboot

@BestGirlGrace okay, on one hand, that sounds fucking awful and makes me wanna puke blood, but on the other hand, why the fuck are you still watching the simpsons lmao dork 😜

@DirectorBlack Also, the esports episode had a surprisingly good message about not pushing your kids too hard, so I'm starting to think this is going to come out against being an incel dipshit


@BestGirlGrace wait, is this the episode you're talking about or me? i can't tell lol

@DirectorBlack I'm sure you're also against being an incel dipshit, but I'm talking about the show

@BestGirlGrace ah alright

and unless we're talking about the alternate universe where i kept watching the amazing atheist, then yea i'm no incel 😛

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