Should we do a Q&A session while I'm on the train? Hit me with questions if you have them

You can ask me non-mastodon questions too

@Gargron what is your least favorite post from Mastodon 2018?

@Gargron I meant to ask a non-masto question... In addition, what is your favorite brand of sparkling water

@nuttgodd I'm not attached to any sprinkling water brands. Wait, do you mean water or any fizzy drink?

@Gargron I mean water! Is there a brand you tend to get more often at all?


@nuttgodd @Gargron nutt, i swear to the fucking godd, stop advertising poland springs or else your going to drown from where they get their water 😈

@DirectorBlack @Gargron honestly I'd love to die where Vienna gets their tap water

@nuttgodd @Gargron and we'd all like to go to heaven to meet god, but we can't all get what we want now, can we?

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