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car seat headrest lyrics that are relevant to some people and about the way people handle drama 

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in the end of the day, all i want is happiness and comfort to live with a polycule with other friends after the revolution while fulfilling my passions and helping others in any way i can

sadly, for most of the day (and it's a long one), i have to deal with bigotry, depression, capitalism, discourse that i don't even know i should participate in or is valid, and so much more before finding a nice spot for myself

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recounting of a hypnokink session that just ended 

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call for trans writers; pls boost for visibility 

announcement; pls boost; new @ 

idk radtown for various reasons i don't wanna get into is not doing it for me anymore

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lately i've been considering moving to octodon, ngl

you've heard of nostalgia critic's the wall, now get ready for

fuck the rules of society i have estrogen by my side

no one:

paul joseph watson in a porno: IMAGINE MY COCK

the cock of the walk

the slickest dick that has so many tricks

say howdy to her

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"here is the latest episode of family guy. now here it is vocoded or some shit"

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absolutely wild how youtube has become a series of popular videos by popular youtubers, movie clips, and songs and other youtubers making weird-ass memes that shows up in the recommendations tab like when you watch a nostalgia critic review or something

lewd; cursed; religious 

going on fetlife to look for someone who can roleplay the hospital scene from end of eva with me

huge massive dino schlong on a t-rex as he chases his prey who also has a gigantic massive schlong

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me: i will get a good sleep tonight

also me at 3 in the morn: you ever think how dinosaurs prolly had gigantic dicks that we don't see because of our puritanical society?

god this song and deathconciouss in general fucking go hard

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tagging @citrustwee for combining one of her favorite things with a new favorite things, and for those who sang this in the same melody as the song it's in in asuka's voice, you deserve a cookie

fred figglehorn will lead the revolution don't @ me

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