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brockhampton colab with tyler, the creator when

very hungry students got their food stolen by gross roommates 🤪 if you’re able to help us out pls pls pls do, we don’t have anything to survive on lmao. thank you so much x

The best genre of post is "oh, you say cops/CEOs/landlords/etc are bad, but what if I were to tell you that awful person is my father?"

Fuck your dad. We're all someone's kids. You think people making others lives miserable get a pass because they have kids? They don't.

Tinder is great because you know exactly who likes the office and you can get far away from them

its my birthday. give women of colour your money.

don't know a WoC whose fundraiser you want to donate to, or which organisation to support? then consider donating to Southall Black Sisters, a non-profit which supports WoC in East London in cases of domestic abuse, racism, and religious fundamentalism

r.i.p. to the little cartoon moth that lives in my wallet and flies out whenever I open it (in order to illustrate my poverty)

he got hit by a city bus on the way to his custody hearing

i just realize something about myself that i should've realized a while back: i seem to be drawn to the same personality type over and over again. obviously, it's not the exact same, but there are traits: someone who's cold/abrasive or presents themselves that way but is actually warm; calm and collected but is able to jump into action to defend their friends; and is both wise about themselves but also has a lot to figure out about their themselves at the same time.

it took me until @4amsnow to realize this, and it's reoccuring with the people i'm attracted to. all the same personality trait.

this is weird to me because i'm the exact opposite. i'm outgoing on the outside, but a total isolationist most of the time and am scared to take any kind of action even if it's small.

my hypothesis is that i like it to balance it out. one is full of fire (me), and the other is the water to cool them down (them).

idk. it's weird, but at least i'm learning more 'bout myself UwU

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gunnerkrigg court does everything fullmetal alchemist did in both it's series, but so much fucking better then both of them

all the deliciousness of dairy queen without the capitalist baggage they have

(me: *in my mind* don't say you pathetic pile of ass hair. failed so just quit while you're ah-

also me: *out loud* fuck you brain)

anti-fascist dairy queen work collective run by anarchists

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so idk how to do one of those posts where I ask for money to cover a medical bill I can't begin to afford?
I need $150 and at this time I literally have 30 dollars and no job.

ig send money to either my paypal:
or my cashapp: $90sKid2001

thank you and feel free to boost

MILKSHAKE DAN, WHILE HURLING HIS MILKSHAKE INTO THE SKY: Nigel Farage if i have to die you will have to die!!!
NIGEL FARAGE: Who The Hell Is That
BODYGUARD: that's Milkshake Dan, sir. he's a major player in the milkshake scene
NF: What

re: recounting of another hypnosession; no lewd Show more

re: recounting of another hypnosession; no lewd Show more

re: recounting of another hypnosession; no lewd Show more

recounting of another hypnosession; no lewd Show more

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