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Well, it's just past the middle of the month, which means that I could use a hand financially. If you can help out, either by giving or boosting, I'd appreciate it. ❤️

the year is 2025, after a lengthy government shoutdown, the tsa was disbanded after nobody wanted to work doin that fuckin' shit anymore. airports was like the nineties again. kids were playin on the tarmac, bags were five bucks a pop, lovers were running to the gate for a last minute connection, and the security agent was some pal with a cigarette hangin out they mouth wavin a stick in frunna ya goin "ya ain't got no bombs onya do ya"

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[ horrendous white rapper voice ]
My name is Kaia
and I'm here to say
I'm gay

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I'm so woke, I set an alarm clock to go off every thirty seconds. It is impossible for me to sleep. please help

Dance like no one's watching, poop like no one's in the other stall listening.

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