console: press X to pay respects

PC: press F to pay respects

TTRPG: roll a d20 to pay respects. ...1? alright, critical failure, you fart super loudly and shit your pants. everyone at the funeral hates you

@DMX Not to mention that in the TTRPG the cops are called, you are brought to jail, and then the judge decides to put you on the death row.

@DMX my TTRPG: "you don't have to roll, you can just do that -- oh you want to anyways,? uh,, sure -- and it's a 2, cool, so you fail."

@DMX Conversely, rolling a nat 20 was how the Resurrection happened.

@DMX the deceased's brother attacks you with a halberd. roll initiative, with a minus three because of your pants situation

Can I take a 10 on paying respects please DMX.

@DMX im in a mood. and i just read this out loud to someone and then laughed for a whole min. thank you.

@sourcookie this endorsement is all the encouragement I'll ever need

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