gonna try to make a combination jer and cheyenne post


slipping in a puddle of naruto's cum in the cafeteria. tall girls pick me up and carry me off like a baby. I start crying but like sexy

@cheyenne I think I really captured y'all's styles lmao

@DMX this is brilliant I cannot tell a lie

@cute another ringing endorsement. this might be my new bit 🤔

@denikombucha kinda early to be cyberbullying me, ain't it deni? have some coffee, play some smooth jazz ☕


I drank too much soda last night and haven’t been able to stop peeing since. Also it’s never to early but it is too late to be thinking I’m gonna let that Naruto jizz comment just float on by.

You saw someone nose dive off a bridge and took off right on after them. Stop doing the new thing just cuz it’s hot rn.

@DMX sent a screenshot of this to my friend and she said “thinking about ending our friendship”

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