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*the president gets assassinated on live TV*


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when rappers talk about "henny" they mean hentai

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mario party operates with the same energy that tarot cards do

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I once ranked platinum in overwatch, do I get a military discount?

I have to apologize for saying that all gamers are bad and should be oppressed. I forgot that gamer girls exist, only gamer boys should be oppressed

I'm a centrist, I believe both side have valid points, both Communism and Anarchism

As an unemployed person, I really enjoy Mondays because all my friends are around again! :D

why would you make an asmr video under 10 minutes? all those freaks who can just lay down and fall asleep don't even need it

*white boy voice* why can't we just leave politics out of this? i miss when art was just about *art* and not politically motivated

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might fuck around and become a white teeth teen

anyone here ever dipped chocolate chip cookies in eggnog? worth it or naw?

Matt healyn and Larry all sleep in a giant bed together like Charlie bucket's family

I've been waiting for my friends to play Destiny 2, but if they try to use winter break to play more Smite I'm just gonna go solo

listening to these white dudes praise Daredevil season 3 is taking years off my life

21 pilots but it’s just people pitching tv shows

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