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console: press X to pay respects

PC: press F to pay respects

TTRPG: roll a d20 to pay respects. ...1? alright, critical failure, you fart super loudly and shit your pants. everyone at the funeral hates you

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me at my desktop: I'm sleepy

me in bed: I could kill god and it would be easy

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*the president gets assassinated on live TV*


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when rappers talk about "henny" they mean hentai

Remember how Hobby Lobby is just a money laundering scheme for ISIS antiquities dealers?

feeling like old kelsey (kelsey circa august 2018)

Never send me "Carpool Karaoke" videos. If you do, I will fuck you up. I will end you, I will rip you apart at the seams.

listening to Critical Hits again... think I just heard it on a bad day. these are bops

the email they sent out said this is a concept album about a guild of thieves and assassins

the new Gygax album lookin real nice. I was putting off previewing the advance track because I went back and listened to Critical Hits, which I did not enjoy

getting "11% juice" tattooed on my asscheeks

funny that this is going around again since lately I've been filtering my toots way more

y'all heard of this "sims" game? not too shabby imo

just saw the LGBT-free thing, and earlier this week they banned Vader (a pretty popular and honestly pretty tame death metal band) from headlining a festival there

liking the simpsons is a good bit but come on dude no one really believes you

the fools at EA thinking I'll buy expansion packs if they make Sims 4 free

finished with Fukpig, and now on the last track of the Plague Widow EP. 7 tracks that were each ~1 minute, and then here comes track 8 at 6 minutes long

Lich King is the ultimate fuckboy thrash band

Starting my new podcast, "World of Lorecraft" where I pick a piece of lore from the Warcraft universe and match those characters to modern day political figures.

Do I change my display name to Scrimshaw Gothic:

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