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console: press X to pay respects

PC: press F to pay respects

TTRPG: roll a d20 to pay respects. ...1? alright, critical failure, you fart super loudly and shit your pants. everyone at the funeral hates you

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me at my desktop: I'm sleepy

me in bed: I could kill god and it would be easy

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*the president gets assassinated on live TV*


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Me: what's the password?

You: *any Vince Staples lyric*

Me: cmon in

reminder that june 4th (my birthday) is international foreskin day!!! post a foreskin toot then or i’ll report you <3


I fucking knew it!!!!!! You will hear from my manager, Ms. Lizard Wrangler

How Dave be finding my toots from centuries ago? 🤔

Mf got the patience of a komodo dragon

Anyways fuck the eye doctor and FUCK this bitch ass, metallic ass, figure-8 built bitch!

slipping in a puddle of naruto's cum in the cafeteria. tall girls pick me up and carry me off like a baby. I start crying but like sexy

alright I'm not gonna boost anymore, but I got to the day when a bunch of gab nazis showed up and we all tried to fishhook them

remembering how on the worst day of my life I was starving, but still threw away a whole burger because they put ketchup on it

I know you all love your bots, but my TL has been so much better since I blocked them all.
I can see all my friends, and I don't feel like I'm having a stroke trying to understand what the hell is being said.

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