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I'm very safe for work. family friendly, even

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me at my desktop: I'm sleepy

me in bed: I could kill god and it would be easy

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didn't y'all get kicked off tumblr for porn? where's it at????

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*the president gets assassinated on live TV*


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when rappers talk about "henny" they mean hentai

Pour up (wank)
Head shot (wank)
Sit down (wank)
Stand up (wank)
Pass out (wank)
Wake up (wank)
Faded (wank)
Faded (wank)

finally did it. I like em now. or at least Hellfire is a good album

I've had heartburn all day but now I'm blaming it on cheyenne's spanish foreskin toots

second hand horny. antique horny. great value horny. there are many types of h

Lauren German proves that no matter how emotionless and unexpressive I am, I can still become a TV actor

A verbal tick that I inherited from my Kentuckian stepdad is saying "Yeehaw" in a sarcastic deadpan when I'm deep in the shit dealing with challenging problem of some kind.

A Sound of Thunder is what I always wished Unleash the Archers would become

took forever to download, so I'll have to give em a real listen tomorrow. but I am currently listening to the shortest song on Hellfire and.... it's good

haven't listened to 1349 since I was 15 or 16. maybe it's time I give them another chance

Calling robitussin "tussy" much to the dismay of the CVS employees.

gonna grow a goatee and doxx little girls on twitter

@DMX i scrolled through it and thatโ€™s the whitest twitter list ever created i am discussted

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