if piracy is a lost sale then i guess libraries are theft too

@CyclopsCaveman if publishers thought they could get away with this they would do it.

@CyclopsCaveman if libraries didn't already exist, they never could start existing under today's circumstances

@CyclopsCaveman can you imagine fox nems today if libraries didnt exist and someone tried to open one?

'Commie Bookstores!'

@CyclopsCaveman you say that as a joke, but it's illegal to make a copy of a disc from a library
copy laws are bullshit

@efi @CyclopsCaveman The first game I pirated was Freddi Fish. My disc had been run over with a chair and cracked, so I checked the game out from the library and made a copy to my computer. I think I was 4 or 5 years old.


Libraries are theft under the current paradigm of copyright.

Its just nobody being robbed by libraries is stupid enough to come out and directly say it because that would just make it more apparent that the current paradigm of copyright is bullshit.

re: copyright 

@CyclopsCaveman @django Judging by the response to the Internet Archive's emergency pandemic ebook lending program, "libraries are theft" does indeed appear to be the position that many publishers and birdsite-☑️ authors have.

@keithzg @CyclopsCaveman interesting, I wasn’t aware of the ebook lending program!

Of course, successful authors often will side with the publishers. Like Metallica did with their label against Napster.

@django @CyclopsCaveman Yuuup.

Anyways if you want to read more about the kerfuffle over the Internet Archive's ebook lending program, is a good place to start, there's a lot of interesting details at play.

Not buying things, because you don't care, is theft.

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