it’s cool and good actually that the environmental part of veganism is mutually exclusive to the ethical part of veganism. there’s no connection between the two whatsoever. what the fuck is total football

lots of people don’t have the means to go vegan. that’s fine. but when you sit around claiming that the capitalist system that subsidizes animal agriculture and promotes creating the most animal products at the cheapest prices isn’t one that inherently leads to large scale exploitation of animals on top of the large scale environmental impact of said exploitation then you are missing the forest for the trees

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no it’s fine, animal exploitation is okay. i get it. you’d rather call out someone for ‘ethical incongruity’ than face the fact that you’d rather continue unsustainable means of producing food into the post-capitalist system because you think people can’t live without their meat or cheese. okay

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that last post SUCKS now that i have a better understanding of the core argument that started the discourse

there’s a current in veganism that equates family farms to being just as bad as industrialized animal agriculture and i just don’t see it. farming has been a thing for far longer than industrialized agriculture and i think that there’s a big difference between eating meat grown on your own farm for eating and eating meat that was bred in captivity by a corporation for the express purpose of mass consumption.

i also don’t see the need to equate someone eating animal products under capitalism with the worst examples of the animal agriculture industry. if that were true then we’re all also guilty of actual exploitation of the human beings that make literally every product that we use ever. or do you make your own clothes and timber and paper and bed and so on and so on?

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there’s no ethical consumption under capitalism. get over it and stop admonishing people for consuming under capitalism and look at the real problem please

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you can be vegan for the animals and refuse to use animal products because your heart bleeds for the animals that are exploited day in and day out to support capitalism. you do you.

but the MINUTE you start proselytizing and shaming people for consuming animal products is the minute where you have to look in the mirror and face the fact that everything around you is the result of constant exploitation of workers and in some cases is the product of literal slave labor. if an omni is just as bad as slaver for eating meat and cheese then we are all slavers

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@CyclopsCaveman tl:dr: veganism doesn't work very well without anticapitalism and a radical restructuring of our agricultural infrastructure.

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