real talk: i love the heat. really hot weather feels good to me

@CyclopsCaveman hate it !!!!!!!!! the only thing i like about being hot is it makes water taste good and working out feel better

@skelltan i love it. there’s something zen about the sun beating down on you

@CyclopsCaveman same here. I miss summer already. I'd prefer to live like a lizard, basking for all the body heat I need

@starwall it’s so nice to not have to wear hoodies or jackets

@CyclopsCaveman real talk: i would like hot weather if i didnt live in 100%-Humidity city. but since i do, its absolute hell

@CyclopsCaveman honestly i really fucking love hot summer nights, they give me life

@CyclopsCaveman It's good but it stops me from cuddling as much cause i just burn up if i snuggle in warm weather

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