@CyclopsCaveman theyre so different!!! how can people get this wrong!!!!!!!

@ItsMorgan @CyclopsCaveman Now I know why I always feel like I have to check your handles when I see your posts

@CyclopsCaveman Cyrene you're the cool one so Morgan should have to change

@CyclopsCaveman you're both cool, but between the two of you you're cooler, ergo you're 'The Cool One'

@CornishRepublicanArmy @CyclopsCaveman whatever its not like i want anyone's approval or anything. i said whatever fuck off

@CyclopsCaveman @CornishRepublicanArmy i wont beg for anything!!! im the cool one. i dont need to beg for anything!

@ItsMorgan @CyclopsCaveman Morgan the brat game only works for so long, it's no secret how much to you like to beg 💅

@CornishRepublicanArmy @CyclopsCaveman lucy please dont embarrass me in front of my friends im trying to be cool



@larrydavis we’re actually all just a series of highly sophisticated alt accounts

@efi i’m not really blaming anyone lol. it’s just a friendly rib

@efi yeah but it’s funny if i play being beleaguered by it lol

@CyclopsCaveman @efi mmmm no you're just effectively mocking people who are face-blind, especially if they see this with 0 context. Picrews are *really* hard to tell apart especially if they have the same shape and background. And in this case hair colour. I think you should maybe reconsider, at least put it behind a "not serious" CW because without it it just feels like mocking.

@CyclopsCaveman @efi use the CW to convey the tone, y'know? Cause you don't have tone of voice on here.

@Pyretta @efi i dig it. i suppose it never occurred to me personally because i’m not face-blind. all i really saw was people highlighting the major similarities between the two avatars and felt that a “no they aren’t!!!” kind of response was relatively benign, never once did the notion it could he seen as mocking occurred to me, and i’m glad to have it pointed out so i can do better in the future

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