if mastodon was a school bus, who would everyone be?

@CyclopsCaveman I would be the kid who brings their toys on the bus despite being too old to play with dolls.

@CyclopsCaveman @garfiald would be the kid whose always reading and always has something interesting to say, but is actually pretty funny besides.


Not sure about @realtoddhoward . The kid who everyone thinks is funny, maybe? The only one who can dis on bullies without getting a wedgie?

@AlexAloi @CyclopsCaveman in school all of my folders had art of space on them and I drew spaceships on all of my homework

@starwall @CyclopsCaveman I totally used to bring batman figures and things onto the bus.

In the middle seat across from Brent, tryna 100% "One Week" by the Barenaked Ladies.

The fact That even 3 people identified with this...

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