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i think it’s about time for a

what’s up? i’m cyrene, or cy! i’m a 25 year old trans girl and i love and

most of my content is humorous in nature but i’ll occasionally talk about the music i’m listening to, any particular philosophy videos or books i might be reading, some mtg news, or anything else i find interesting. i’m a simple girl, there’s really not much more to say tbh

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The piece I wrote to remember KNZK by is now available to the public, as part of the user-submitted contributions to Several People Are Typing, a chronicle of the Homestuck and Hiveswap Discord. Check out the KNZK piece here:

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open for a present 

you are valid, loved, and appreciated

who would win in a fight

Dumb, nsfw 

There are only two sexes: me sexing you, and you sexing the ground, capisce?

"it's a russian taunt" i whisper, tears streaming down my eyes as all the people around me tell me revolver ocelot was gay for solid snake has a big local search directory of fediverse accounts and no meaningful code of conduct. Not actively malevolent but... block time, I think.

write a shitpost on my account for five dollars

i was taking some training for the new period at work coming up and the training demonstrating the new changes had masks and the sneeze guard up on the front counter

i got told in my curiouscat that aces arent queer because they're "non practicing" lmao are we a religion now or something?

seeing all the signs popping up around my county about wearing a mask to prevent the spread of covid is the biggest "[hand in hair] oh geez, we fucked up BAD" moment

a thirst trap is when i trick someone into being exiled into the desert

i will issue no apologies for the shit coming out of my ass

@CyclopsCaveman Maybe. Sure, he won't be able to outmaneuver the stabbing but, he can always fall on the damn duck, hopefully killing it before dying. Some luck for Bernie, please, high time!
Sorry, how does one win this contest?

Emerging from meditation screaming, having had a vision of a future ad campaign along the lines of "which funko pop is your gender?"

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