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Never trust an Aries. I don’t know anything about astrology but I had one interaction with an Aries once and I did not like it, so now we don’t fuck with Aries.

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yall ever hack the freaquency that mcdonalds drive through mics are on and pretend to be an employee to make people think they got their order taken. just to confuse the manager

this toot encompasses the entirety of knowledge of how white boys eat the coochie

me: okay. now count to three!
valve: one, two, two-one
me: noooooooo

IMAGINE uh . .. uhh.... umm... what the fuck was i going to put here. shit.


playing some old game from my childhood i really liked and i'm up to the level where you put poop into dumpsters.
in other words, turd-bin stage

eventually all of my alts will join together into one blowhog like the fucking power rangers and it'll be one of these

goodnight mastodon!! <3 goodnight pleroma! <3 fuck off misskey! </3 Goodnight gnu social!! <3 goodnight glitch soc!

i took the political compass test and it said i was gay

i heard in australia they call first person shooters ‘rooty tooty point n shooties’ lynne told me so

if ur gynecolodist smokes weed before the appointment theyer now a highnecologist

in the nutt church there are no pews only cubes

can we all agree to only mention arby's to shit on their low-grade food and incel-pandering marketing

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