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i think it’s about time for a

what’s up? i’m cyrene, or cy! i’m a 25 year old trans girl and i love and

most of my content is humorous in nature but i’ll occasionally talk about the music i’m listening to, any particular philosophy videos or books i might be reading, some mtg news, or anything else i find interesting. i’m a simple girl, there’s really not much more to say tbh

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The piece I wrote to remember KNZK by is now available to the public, as part of the user-submitted contributions to Several People Are Typing, a chronicle of the Homestuck and Hiveswap Discord. Check out the KNZK piece here:

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open for a present 

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crankin those beans in the comfort of my own bed

anyway i’m gonna sit back and watch the video explaining arbitrary code execution in ocarina of time

the greatest honor one can bestow upon a person is the honor of being remembered

i guess this is applying undue importance not only to myself but also to people who i read a lot from that would be considered my contemporaries but it’s still an interesting question imo

i wonder if historians will take into account online personas in writing about the history of philosophy from this era. will garf eventually be known as Name “garfiald” Lastname? will hbomb be known as Harry Brewis or Harris Bomberguy? will conversation be recorded in a way that preserves online personas or will the character of how we acted as people be swept away and left with nothing but our ideas?

if i ever become a big philosopher person i wonder what history would count as my influences and contemporaries

hnnng colonel... i’m trying to abolish class society but my ass is dummy thick and the clap of my asscheeks keeps alerting the bourgeoisie

[dumbass tankie voice] hitler was shitler but stalin was ballin’!



but for MEN

“The task now is to repurpose history, to subordinate it to subjective ends, and to do so with the participation of all humanity. Marx, I might add, never sought anything less.”

“Seen through Power’s glass, the only future is a past reiterated. A portion of familiar inauthenticity is projected by an act of what is known as prospective imagination into a time which it fills in advance with its utter vacuousness. Our only memories are memories of roles once played, our only future an endless remake. Human memory is supposed to answer to no requirement save Power’s need to assert itself in time by perpetually reminding us of its presence. And this reminder takes the form: nihil nove sub sole—or, in the vulgar tongue, ‘you always have to have leaders’.”

“The more thoroughly illusory time combines with the illusory space that it creates, the closer we come to being things, to being pure exchange-value. The more thoroughly the space of authentic life combines with authentically lived time, the more human mastery asserts itself. Space-time lived in unitary fashion is the first guerrilla base, the spark of the qualitative in the night that still enshrouds the revolution of everyday life.”

“Each terminal point on the temporal line is specific and unique, yet no sooner is the next point added than its predecessor disappears into the line’s uniformity, mere grist to the mill of a past to which nothing is new. It becomes quite indiscernible. Thus each point serves to extend the very line that makes it vanish.
This pattern of continual destruction and replacement is the way Power ensures its own duration; people who are spurred on to consume power destroy it, yet simultaneously they renew it by enduring. If Power destroys everything it destroys itself, and if it destroys nothing it is likewise destroyed. Power can only endure strung out between the two poles of this contradiction, a contradiction which the dictatorship of consumption worsens day by day. Power’s durability depends simply on the continuing existence of people, that is to say, on their permanent survival. This is why the problem of dissociated space-time now has revolutionary implications.”

“ours is the day of the clockmaker. Economic imperatives turn people into walking chronometers, as signalled by the band about their wrists. Ours is the time of work, of progress, of output, the time of production, consumption, and planning. The spectacle’s time: time for a kiss, snapshot time. A time for everything and everything at its time (time is money). Commodity time. Survival time.”

“Little by little, the unitary feudal illusion is incorporated into the libertarian unity of a life yet to be constructed in a realm beyond materially guaranteed survival”

“As the experts organize the survival of the species, and assign the programming of history to their sophisticated plans, the will to change life by changing the world grows ever stronger among the mass of the people. The point has been reached where each particular human being finds himself face to face, just like humanity as a whole, with a general despair with no way out except either annihilation or supersession. Ours is a time in which historical and individual development tend to merge because both are headed in the same direction—towards the state of things, and the refusal of this state. The history of the species and the millions of individual histories seem to be coming together—either to perish or to begin EVERYTHING afresh. In this way the past returns to us, bearing the seeds of death along with the spark of life. And our childhood too is at the meeting-place—under the threat of Lot’s curse.”

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