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i think it’s about time for a

what’s up? i’m cyrene, or cy! i’m a 25 year old trans girl and i love and

most of my content is humorous in nature but i’ll occasionally talk about the music i’m listening to, any particular philosophy videos or books i might be reading, some mtg news, or anything else i find interesting. i’m a simple girl, there’s really not much more to say tbh

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The piece I wrote to remember KNZK by is now available to the public, as part of the user-submitted contributions to Several People Are Typing, a chronicle of the Homestuck and Hiveswap Discord. Check out the KNZK piece here:

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open for a present 

twinning, queer super idea 

twinning, queer super idea 

BTW: Glimpse, which is a fork of that other open-source image editor with the shitty name, has a version you can download and eff around with now.

Nothing says "I'm low-grade crappy" like seeing a service worker cleaning and saying "You can come clean my house when you're done"

i’m not a mayor, but i am the democratically elected representative of the workers council

me: [logs onto a website almost entirely constituted of communists and anarchists] i have decided today that i am a mayor

*remembers when nerds got really mad at python changing master-slave terminology to parent-helper* hmmmmmmm is there some kind of pattern here?

i love being a rational science brain unguided by emotion and refuse to rename my image editing tool that i want professionals to use instead of photoshop from being a literal ableist slur

actually, the women’s port-a-john is called the port-a-jane

the cask if amontillado but it’s an underground port-a-john instead

Every time I go to the restroom nearest my office and see that the light is off, my first thought is "hell yeah empty bathroom," and my second thought is "what if there's someone in there already, just sitting in the dark, waiting for you,"

quad bound and down, loaded up and fraggin’
we’re gonna do what they say can’t be done

Nothing like a 10 year anniversary post to remind you they made a live action version of Where The Wild Things Are

Dumb Lewd 

glimpse is objectively a better name for an image editor than [other name here] but boomer linux boys wont change it because they love ableism

on this episode of “return of the nineties” everyone gets really into grunge again

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