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i think it’s about time for a

what’s up? i’m cyrene, or cy! i’m a 25 year old trans girl and i love and

most of my content is humorous in nature but i’ll occasionally talk about the music i’m listening to, any particular philosophy videos or books i might be reading, some mtg news, or anything else i find interesting. i’m a simple girl, there’s really not much more to say tbh

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The piece I wrote to remember KNZK by is now available to the public, as part of the user-submitted contributions to Several People Are Typing, a chronicle of the Homestuck and Hiveswap Discord. Check out the KNZK piece here:

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open for a present 

Part of heteronormativity is assuming feminine women and masculine men are straight. I have created a Gofundme for a Trans Woman of Color fleeing a Hostile environment in a dangerously Anti LGBT country. It would be immensely appreciated if anyone can donate or at least share this fundraiser to help her. #Transcrowdfund #TransLivesMatter

accidentally doing Hegelian recognition to myself in the mirror

In any case, so long as one bears in mind that the only proper treatment for others, as for oneself, is a higher dose of radicalism, it is impossible to go wrong or come to grief.”

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Do people come up and want to discuss things with you? Do they admire you? Spit in their faces. Do they make fun of you? Help them recognize themselves in their mockery. Roles are inherently ridiculous. Do you see nothing but roles around you? Treat them to your nonchalance, your humour, your distance. Play cat and mouse with them, and there is a good chance that one or two people about you will wake up to themselves and discover the prerequisites for real dialogue. Remember: all roles alienate equally, but some are less despicable than others. The range of stereotyped behaviour includes alienating forms that only barely conceal lived experience and its requirements. To my mind, temporary alliances are permissible with certain attitudes, with certain revolutionary images, just so long as a glimmer of radicalism shines through the ideological screen which they presuppose. A good example is the cult of Lumumba among young Congolese revolutionaries.

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“Individually, however—and thus in a strictly temporary way—we must learn how to sustain roles without nourishing them to the point where they harm us. How to use them as a protective shield while at the same time protecting ourselves against them. How to retrieve the energy they absorb and actualize the illusory power they dispense. How to play the game of a Jacques Vaché.

If your role imposes roles on others, assume a power that is not you, then set this phantom loose. Nobody wins contests for status, so eschew them. Down with pointless quarrels, vain discussions, forums, conferences and Weeks for Marxist Thought! When the time comes to strike for your real liberation, strike to kill. Words don’t kill.

this is my most important hill i will always die on. every time i see a queer person go on and on about how we have to "look good" for Them or how Certain People (read: nonbinary or kinnies) make trans people Look Bad it just disgusts me how so many god damn people have turned into pawns for the Cistem. How theyre willing to throw us under the bus for Them. how dare you. we trusted you.

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protect your siblings. dont give a single solitary fuck what anyone else thinks. the system will never be kind to you just because you mock your own for them.

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the cishets will find any reason to want to remove us. policing the words other people use to describe themselves because you feel like it will "give the cis ammo" is the most backwards thing you can do. do not give in to them. we do not have to look good for them. they have never done anything for us.

kill the cop in your brain. kill the part of yourself who wants to be accepted by people who never wanted you in the first place. refuse to turn on your own in favor of licking their god damn boots

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whys everyone talking about slow cooking them tonight

introducing BROASTING

it's like ROASTING

but for MEN

idk who needs to hear this, but trans people don’t have to suffer body dysphoria to experience depression as a result of being trans in an extremely cisnormative society

for a lot of trans people, HRT and GRS are pointless bc they wouldn’t relieve the psychological harm that comes from constant external transphobia

sucking by the dick swinging store, anyone want anything

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