Doing the things you like-
not because they make you money,
not because they gain you followers,
not because of what other people might think- just because you like them.

Do that.
Do what makes you happy today.

depressed queer 

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@Cosmictrash 5 hours, eh? Good to know!

I'm just happy you enjoyed it, and that I got to entertain you :'D Thanks again ❤️ ⭐

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@Cosmictrash oh my goodness, you really read the whole thing in one day? I'm flattered!! Thank you so much. ^_^

If you don't mind me asking, how long did it take to read? I've always been curious.

@sandycyborg I just found your comic Bicycle Boy (and read all that is posted so far) today. It is amazing 💕💕💕 I just needed to tell you that.

I’ve been emotionally abused by

Send help.

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Gonna post a lot of pixels. My computer is dead forever so rip me...
But I can make pixels on my phone. Beep bop boop

I don’t even know what pork looks like tbh 🤷‍♂️

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What’s your favorite food? Let me know and I’ll choose 3 to make into pixel art tonight after work ✌️

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