WIP of Lenxion in my sh*try faux anime style 🤣

I forgot that her arms are uncovered so I guess she wore her long sleeved shirt here. There's a fairy or a Sprite next to her

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"I can't go back," my client told me as soon as he sat down at the table in ICE detention.

"They will kill me."

I believed him.

The judge agreed that they probably would kill him, just before he denied his asylum claim.

He was deported.

They did.

I just found out today.

More public domain cats! This time Waffles & Countess Cat again from Van Buren Studios. They're one of a few attempts to create a Milton Mouse replacement & a Mickey Mouse competitor

However Van Beuren Shut down the studio rather than give into worker demands for fair wages & so everything they made entered the almost immediately. Check 'em out! They belong to everyone!

One of the many public domain Felix cartoons! This one is from Bold King Cole by the very defunct Van Beuren Studios.

Jen kelkaj katoj en publika havaĵo! Tio signifas ke ĉiuj povas ilin uzi ;)

Some cool cats in the public domain that means anyone can use them!

(Trying this out)

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