if i see this im going to get kicked out ofg the theatre lmao

@Bryanne oh my goodness I'm going to skip on this movie too. :blobsob:

@Bryanne Parents just don't understand you ain't ever gonna have a friend like me :blob_raccoon_coffee:

@Bryanne It is extremely funny that this exists at all, and possibly funnier that the hype for this has completely crowded out any hype for Frozen 2.

@Bryanne this was slightly puzzling. Then I remembered “oh yeah! Ambien dream shit. That’s what this is.”

@Bryanne is.. this real? it looks too good to be a photoshop..

@Bryanne wow. wow
i mean he is quite a good fit tbh but. it's still just rather surreal to see

@muppetbutler This looks so bad and I truly appreciate it for that

@wintgenstein @Bryanne
Lol this looks like they panicked from the reactions to non-blue genie and very quickly chroma-keyed him

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