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Well I rewatched The Last Jedi and I think I finally get why so many people hate it

I will delete usually but that studio is infamous for how most of what I said Vla-

That's what you believe is right and I'm going to be this way then I realized that if I did my good deed with the likenesses of the RadTown media server is just Roy Thomas.

To get your first page of toots ever just append ?min_id=0 to your public profile page address

as a kid team rocket's introduction thing confused me because it all sounded like good stuff

thinking about how i spent my teenage years putting various mediocre male artists on pedestals and now the only thing on those pedestals are cool lizards


why did USC name their mascot after condoms?

imo 47 Ronin is not enough to get anything done... you would need upwards of 78 Ronin to conquer a city-state

hey dude can you cover the last hour of my shift tomorrow? i've got a date.

if I ever get a politician's merch just go head and kill me. that ain't even me no more, that's a damn CIA clone or some shit

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