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Well I rewatched The Last Jedi and I think I finally get why so many people hate it

i don't like this implication that the joker movie is a psyop... the masses aren't prepared for real art with meaning and soul.

Getting mad about not being able to have that Channing Tatum Gambit movie again

exclusively referring to the release date of the joker movie as 9/11 2

I called JG Wentworth and he said I’m going to die alone

When you tell Mom and Dad you can't figure out where all those cigarette butts in the yard are coming from

Celebrated hillbilly horror author Cleve Barker

Listen up shit libs: if you wanna do anything πŸ‘you πŸ‘mustπŸ‘readπŸ‘theoryπŸ‘

Joe Biden is just Pierce Hawthorne from community and also Chevy chase on the set of community

Corn Pop is going to become our "covefe" or "hamberder" isn't it?

sotn is one of those rare classic games that actually still 100% holds up. it's a fucking incredible game

I will not be Bordering any Lands for a third time

Back in Biden's day all the baddest dudes were named after breakfast cereals. That was the style at the time

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