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Well I rewatched The Last Jedi and I think I finally get why so many people hate it

if i were h bomberguy, i would simply invite #Maddie onto my stream

wish the government shutdown meant like, no cops or empire instead of no food for poor people

2019 memes:

-doge revival
-"real vo nguyen giap hours"
-bepis 2
-2nd great twitter exodus (the lady gaga gays)
-bepis 4
-mario kart 64 online
-eugen-doge (eugens avatar but with doge text)

I'm very disappointed I'm getting such negative feedback on my well researched piece "All of You People are Assholes". I was hoping for more constructive criticism.

I locked myself in the bathroom cuz my granny is chasing me with a plastic roach lmfao omg

Showing up at the blood bank once a month to ask for a refill

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clint eastwood looks like the boss at the end of a skyrim dungeon

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