I should skip the Holidays and go hang out in NYC by myself. Seattle is too clean and fake nice.


Theres no better feeling than being completely ignored by a cashier.

NYC cashier: ............

Seattle Cashier: hiiiii how's your day, any plans? Oh cool, my sister likes to breathe too. We're big fanss of breathing. Have you gone to the flower gardens? Great air there for breathing. Well you have fun breathing aand being alive!!!!!!

@streetvalkyrie truly is. When i have visitors they always mention why everyone asks what the plans are for the day lol. Its fucking weird.

"Gosh I dunno, my plans might be shopping. What are yours, working?"

@streetvalkyrie sadly they will always respond no matter how awkward or off putting. Its like a bad SNL skit lol

@Brianahwa @streetvalkyrie this always happens to me when I take a Lyft to/from the doctor. In Seattle when they’d pick me up from the medical building they’d ask me if I was going back to work?! In Tacoma they’re quieter but still “how’s your day so far?” at 9:30am when you’re taking me from a house to a primary care clinic it’s like, are you expecting an interesting answer?

@caprimoon @Brianahwa
I make an exception for Lyft/Uber drivers because it's kind of tense having strangers in your personal car all day and if they want to bant I'll do it because I kind of feel like a guest in their car. But it's exhausting as heck.

@streetvalkyrie @Brianahwa oh I’ll definitely talk to them (I’m from the Midwest and can’t help it?) but as a person with few concrete plans or daily accomplishments (by mainstream standards) I feel a little self conscious! Let’s just talk about the weather.

@Brianahwa @streetvalkyrie plus around here especially do I want to tell a bunch of cameras and always-on devices where I’m going next?

@Brianahwa The cashier at Trader Joe's asked me this, and I was gobsmacked. My instinct is to say something dark, like I have a funeral to attend. But, I chicken out and say, "nothing."

@remulacfrommars I have always wanted to do this but i cant either lol I feel like it will get me stuck there longer.

@Brianahwa Yeah, and I don't want to ruin his day. I just want to shop in peace.

@remulacfrommars @Brianahwa chances are their manager's making them do it anyway

@BDA @remulacfrommars its like every store in seattle tho. Except 7/11. My safe haven.

@Brianahwa you just gotta learn how to swing smalltalk into discounts and free shit

@Brianahwa conversely, they're often also trying to swing it into tips. it feels nice when you can both indulge each other. make a quick joke, they'll laugh, you'll both feel a bit better

@yet i like the way you think. And you're right. I could probably start getting my cream cheese packets for my bagels for free if i actually to Scott, the poor lonely soul at cashier stand #2.

@Brianahwa no i mean like, free whole bagels and also the coffee, maybe a bag to take back home, and a good word with the manager if you ever need a job, and an invitation to the house show next week. hmm maybe i actually am just exploiting my friends

@yet lmao, or you need to show me how small talk works coz i never get freebies lol

@Brianahwa i think maybe we're just queers bribing each other on the company's dime, and also im stoked on the discount i snagged from a clearly drunk and disillusioned Walgreens employee last night

I get a lot of “how’s your day going so far?”

Me: “well it’s 2pm and I just woke up. This is my first stop of the day.”

@Brianahwa Seattle seems to be a really cool place to visit. I don't care if I get to see much as long as I meet people like this cashier.

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