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My work uses Bank of America and ive relabled everything to BOFA. I literally cant wait til someone asks what BOFA is.

Bloomberg really out there pandering to VSCO girls by campaigning to save the turtles.

I have never felt like im dealing with a toddler more than I do right now trying to keep my shit together for this awful lady.

She has cut me off so many times at this point i dont even care anymore. The amount of "nuh uhs" I've received from an actual grown ass adult is incredible to be honest.

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I hate Waste Mangement. Sorry that I assumed the info on your website was accurate about rescheduled service on 2/17. Like what the fuck was I supposed to assume when our trash didnt get picked up on 2/17. why would i report a missed pick up when your webpage says why i shouldnt report missed pickups.

My boss hates when people dont recycle so much that he will sit outside picking through our garbage cans for hours to make sure there's no recyclables. Its cool but also disgusting because we also all have to share the same hand towel in the bathroom so that's not so cool.

A list of some shit we've accumulated that is still in the box it was shipped to us in:

20+ shoes
Duck call
Foldable sunglasses
Arm sleeves (literally just a sleeve, nothing else)
Camo hunting pants
Neck warmer
Water bag
Water flossers
3 robes
Flannel shoulder bag
Portable blanket (yes, its just a regular blanket marketed as portable)
Alexa dot thing
Orange juicer thing
Table runner
Fly fishing kit??
A LOT of shirts
Baking dishes
Electric shaver thing? Idk my bf cant grow facial hair for shit so we dont know what it is.
A tiny Christmas tree
Two ninja turtle toys?? She bought them and thought he would want them.. He's 33...

The list could go on for days.

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So my bfs mom has a terrible habit of buying shit and then dumping it on us. She mails shit shes getting rid of/bought and no longer wants. This might sound nice to some, but its a lot.

My bf has asked her several times to stop. Once after receiving a box of over 20 pairs of old shoes, he freaked out and told her he's not opening anymore and its just gonna sit on the front porch until someone else takes it. Of course, she got really upset and hurt by this. He apologized but said "please stop sending us stuff. We dont want extra things, were downsizing." She seemed to get it... For about 2 weeks lol.

Because, we just got a fuckin box from her going to Gander Mtns store closing sale. Not a small box, like the entire fucking clearance section of the store sized box. She literally spent money on shit just because the store was closing. Not because we or her needed anything from this store. NONE OF US ARE OUTDOORS SPORTSMEN. WHY THE FUCK DO WE WANT A DUCK DYNASTY DUCK CALL.

I know its just click bait culture but why is this still a thing lol. Literally no one likes click bait why is this still a thing. It just makes people like me angrier and dumber.

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Esquire put an article out about how the coronovirus is destroying the vape industry but then never explained the relation between the two. I hit next all the way thru the end and still dont know the answer. WHO THE FUCK ENJOYS READING ARTICLES THIS WAY!!!!

There is a calm and quiet that comes with this weather. Everything about being in an old growth forest is the freaking best.

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Its amazing that Bernie hasn't found a new figurative number other than "millions and billions."

I cant pick a worst but one of the many terrible outcomes of Trump vs Bloomberg is it sets the tone for rich TV personalities being the only way to compete against the other big TV personalities.

In our lifetime Kim Kardashian will have tried to run for President. Could be when shes like 70 something but theres no way shes not thinking about it now that other rich celebs are (including Ye).


Also caucusing was the biggest waste of my time & energy. We deadass crammed in a shitty school gym for hours like little sardines just to then be told to argue with each other on who we support. Caucus was just twitter in person.

Did anyone experience any bullshit with registering to vote for the 2016 primaries?

I was on the bird site at the time and when i went to caucus and registered there, they "lost" my registration but magically found it after hillary was announced as the primary. There were a handful of people that told me this happened to them too. Im wondering if it was a simple mistake or if that shit was intentional.

My bf used his savings to buy a gold bullion and I cannot stop making fun of him.

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