White leftist male that only goes for white and Asian women im subtooting all of you. Your time comes.

Hornt ppl, please start referring to coffee as bean jizz.

I’m going back to sleep for a lil bit, good luck with the boner posting everyone

*in the tune of bitch im a cow*

Bitch I'm cold, brrrrrrr.

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Wow jazz playlist. Thank you for making me incredibly uncomfortable by shuffling to a sexy jazz song as I'm talking to the president of our compny lmao.

Theres this one building that i can't figure out in Portland. Its a regular ass square brick building but it only has one small regular ass window. Whats up with that building??

You are all foolish young monks and I am the oldest, wisest monk, going around the monastery hitting you with my anti-horny stick

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@Brianahwa people from Portland love this. Never stop doing it no matter how much they pretend to be annoyed

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