Harvest Moon mobile game update:

I found another thing that I love about having HM as a mobile game is because you dont have to be connected to wifi/network. And endless playtime is sweet.

F is for friends who post stuff together

U is for u better be posting about how we're friends

N is for never gonna talk to you if you don't post about how we're friends

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Does anyone know how to destroy a high school girl clique.l, remaining 2 years of HS? Lol I'm not a high road kind of person, fuck being harassed. The more she does nothing the more mad and insane these lil assholess get. I want my sis to get Carrie revenge on these hoes.

Sadly that's the least fucked up shit that these girls did to her. I fucking hate rich kids. They are mini sociopaths who grow up with no consequences for being pieces of shits.

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the virgin kyphosis vs the chad scoliosis

our business banker rep is extremely hot and he is very chatty.

I want to die when he talks. One because people this hot never talks to me and two because he wont shut up.

It is very windy in Seattle. People look like they are about to get sucked up.

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the rainforest is to brooko as the woods are to laser

I have entirely too much energy for only getting 4 hours of sleep amd no cup of coffee yet. What the fuck, why!!!


Okay I lied, this still kanye related. The remixes good Friday dropped leading up to mbdtf was when the power remix dropped. I think I smoked an eigth of weed in just one day and sat in my car to listen to it on repeat lmao.

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