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someone confessed their love to me today. this should happen basically constantly.

i just saw a straight couple dressed as a firefighter and a dalmation...and the girl gave me a dirty look when i began to laugh at them

really struggling with anger and not liking myself today

the same person who said this
1. Started a fight
2. used slurs
3. calls people "dude" and "bro"
4. ????

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You got issues, dude. All I said is that America is not "literally a Nazi country". And I supported my claims with arguments.
For that reason I deserve to die? Wow 😅 Who's the fucking Nazi, I wonder...
Enjoy your circle-jerk.

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Go ahead and block me, I couldn't care less.
FYI though, I am extremely open to having my mind changed. I used to be ancom and communist. I have no problem becoming one again. All it takes is a rational argument.
But apparently all I can hope for is anime memes and cringe responses.

karl marx being brought to the future and becoming absolutely livid about

all i need is a toot button and a notifs tab. all this other shit is extra. you know what fuck the notifs tab just gimme a blank screen and a toot button i dont even wanna see where they go

it's like when your party doesn't have a tank it just has a paladin and a dwarf cleric who both run half duty

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i'm the closest thing mastodon has to a top, and i'm a switch.

alright i am goin to bed today has sucked by every measurable metric

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