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when youre just trying to post gritty memes but then some "leftist" who is concerning so hard theyre indistinguishable from fash hops into your menchies and says

"i don't find that sentiment very critical, because the icon still exists as a revenue generator and is actively doing more harm than good. it may be okay to adopt if the symbol isn't currently being advertised to sell tickets to giant stadiums & then fund the private interests, i just can't get on board with it because it's just free advertisement for a distraction."

knowing i can never accept this follow request or it'll be gone forever

professional photos of me dressed up nice 

the only redeemable thing from that fucking job fair last week is that i got free head shots

they're extremely funny tho

quite possibly the worst picture of me 

i had to do this before matt did it

visualize: i WILL make a post that gets more boosts than Laser

hmmm....there's something wrong with this audio, but i think it's actually good

why the fuck does more media exist than i could consume even in a lifetime of leisure


selfie, horror, capitalism 

*reads inscription*
*screams more*

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