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*Father John Mitski voice*
haha whats up im Father John Mitski

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hell yeah finally a smaller account where i can admit to being a heteroxexual

i just dont understand why so neoliberalism is so opposed to principle. i wonder sometimes if i could be described as "conservative" by liberal people

drawing clear boundaries and setting standards for right and wrong are slippery slopes that lead to more boundaries and standards for right and wrong

cognito-hazard, some genuinely outrageous racist shit, USPol 

if you ever wonder if smart people succumb to bad reasoning, know that i chose between two books on quantum mechanics using their Good Reads ratings

good morning to my the people who read this only

no offense to @healyn i actually really like hanging out with you online

in what critics are hailing as "on brand," completely sucks

outrageously hot picture of me 

people aren't boosting this because hey fear to look into the darkness of their own souls

everyone talks about gay rights, but never gay wrongs. because gays are perfect

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