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Broke: sine
Woke: cosisn't
Bespoke: tangain't

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[at a diner ordering breakfast]

waitress: whatll ya have

me: the breakfast platter with rye bread, eggs over easy, sausage, and a cup of coffee. and water please

my friend who is a foot guy: just toest please 😈🥴🥵

waitress [takin her shoe off]: comin right up 😏

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i dont plan to change anything but you all need to start respecting me more

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i'm applying to do research on volcanoes 🌋 send good vibes pls

saw a church sign that said "The best pregame? The Lord." and that's better than any toot i've read

"No Nut November"
Fits in a haiku. So does
"Blowing a huge load."

i made a thing with MatLab feel free to praise me.

i wanna big house where all my friends come live and we work together to keep it clean and warm and dry

this physics class is being a ... big pain in my behind, frankly

i will never be impressed by the united states as long as people are still homeless in it.

haha no youve got it all wrong. i said 'ninety nut november'. that's my absolute minimum.

electromagnetism rules. if you do not stan charged particles, static and/or in motion, fuck RIGHT off

tonight i hosted an "Over the Garden Wall" watch party with lots of friends i love. we went into the backyard, i built a fire, we had drinks and such. we projected it onto the fence. it was one of the best nights of my entire life.

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