whew feeling the first hunger pang of many to come 😩

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alright!! monday, beginning of my roadmap to a new fitness routine. gonna start intermittent fasting this week

i understand whats not to like about cattle decapitiation but i think theyre far away my fav band of any extreme metal genre, if sleep and om didnt exist, theyd probably my fav metal band of all time

quaver came out into open beta on steam and i want to like it but it just... kinda.... sucks ass.

ive began reading "starting strength" cus ive gotten the drive to look into strength training and i feel like so much wisdom just about health in general has been bestowed on me in just the first couple chapters

hand-based rhythm games are cool, but what im finding is that, for me personally, nothing will beat a dance game

going to channel my pure unending hate for corperations into motivation to rewire my brain to open this instead of twitter when i want to mindlessly scroll. at least then i can be braindead without nazis in my feed and megacorperations stealing my data.

all the stuff popping off on twitter is reminding me that having a big vat of social media where everybody and everything is constantly happening and interacting, and maybe its good to move away from that completely. i dont even want any kind of large following anyways, i just need to build a friend circle on here.

render i threw together in abt 15 minutes to study some of the vertex weight modifiers in blender

(to the tune of i wanna be a hippy by technohead)

🎶 i want to be a furry and i want to get yiffed~🎶

rendered the whole thing and got it down under 2mb but the website is tellin me its over the limit :/

oh well

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time to make some bullshit render of this cube lol

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wait... i can use gifs on here as an icon

going to quietly start posting here again...

feel terribly bad for not posting on here again, lol, ive kinda been off all social media lately and that has been good, maybe ill extend the social media hiatus

i suck so fucking much and long note patterns time to grind them

i should also really put a list together for all these songs i wanna chart lol

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i should make a technical dump for the gummybear song...

high bpm pad patterns are deceptively hard on spread

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