so someone did an interview with Akira Toriyama and asked him questions about Dragonball, and they specifically pointed out "Krillin doesn't have a nose, how does he breathe" and in the ultimate show of wow we're making this criticism huh Akira responded with "he breathes through his skin like a frog"

king shit

I am for real and it's possibly the best thing I've read since the last thing Yoko Taro said

@Beauford_Hammersham Like Akira does know it's kind of silly for krillin to not have a nose.
When he was fighting the really smelly guy in Dragonball Goku had to tell him "Hey dude, you don't have a nose! Why is this bothering you?!" and he was like "Oh shit I don't have a nose!" and that's how he won.

@TheAmazingM I mean the guy started out writing comedy manga so it'd feel wrong if some of that didn't bleed into Dragonball.

And I say some as if the entire series isn't just one big joke after another I mean come on it's One Piece levels of ridiculous just at all times. Absolutely wonderful.

@Beauford_Hammersham It aint perfect but man original Dragonball is some good viewing honestly and I didn't even finish it when I saw it the first time either

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