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my YouTube rantsona is just gonna be one of those little 99 cent cups of colored gelatin with googly eyes glued to the front and felt angry eyebrows glued above that and a little hammer and sickle made out of cardboard paper taped to a toothpick and punctured through the top

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Um sweaty I'm actually a Thalassocratic Socialist??? Duh????

The means of production should obviously belong to the captains of seafaring vessels

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wifey @saturnoc made this because I threw images at her and said "please make this"

follow her for more art, or i'll be sad that you didn't follow her for more art

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pigs, minneapolis 

"Minneapolis voters won’t get to decide the fate of the city’s police department this year."

police intimidation, bullshit, violence 

Here in SLC a mutual aid organizer who has been working tirelessly has been arrested on two felony charges with a gang enhancement, facing life in prison, for allegedly buying paint for a protest and balling her fist as if she was going to hit an officer. They beat her up at this protest with shields, and she posted the bruises. They impounded her car at a different protest (where she was handing out water and masks) and staked out her house two weeks before arresting her

Today's first #BlackAugust #DeepStudy engagement was listening to:

Rustbelt Abolition Radio: Anti-Fascism and Carceral State feat. Lorenzo Ervin and JoNina Abron-Ervin, from 2018

Good basic overview of how fascism has different forms, importance of meeting needs of survival as part of anti-fascism efforts, and building a Black/Black-led anti-fascist movement.

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this fucking dunce got excommunicated like 5 times, also spent the last 10 years of his life in a protracted conflict against his bitch wife

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this dude Guilhem IX of Aquitaine has got to be one of the funniest fuck-ups of all time. originally declared illegitimate by the church on account of his parents being related, he proceed to go on a crusade and get his ass spectacularly handed to him. after he returned to france with only a few of his soldiers left, he went on to spend the rest of his life singing songs about the disgusting sex he was having and fighting his large son (also called Guilhem)

black august is a month where american revolutionaries dedicate themselves to the struggle in their entire mind, body, and soul. this could be taking up fasting for the month, getting into a hardcore workout routine, and reading the works of african revolutionaries.

fuck it *turns into a zubat and gets killed by minecraft steve*

this is the image wikipedia decided to use as an example of a dank meme

FELLAS: is it gay to nestle? Because you're settling snugly and comfortably. 🤔🤔

wow I really have been living the exact same day over and over since March huh

i'm an arrogant, combative bitch, and all my posts are either obtuse long threads on some arcane bullshit even i don't actually understand or like 'fucked yer mam and my dick snapped off. anyone have a plunger so i can try and get it out from there' with zero middle ground

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Democrats abroad doing a fundraiser by raffling off one week holidays in Canada, Switzerland and a load of other places that also require two week quarantines for visitors.

I hope this isn't some kind of metaphor for the entire party.

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