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my YouTube rantsona is just gonna be one of those little 99 cent cups of colored gelatin with googly eyes glued to the front and felt angry eyebrows glued above that and a little hammer and sickle made out of cardboard paper taped to a toothpick and punctured through the top

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Being a history major is just slam dunking a cardboard box of 200-year-old correspondence into a barrel of lemon juice and screaming about Benjamin Franklin's dick

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Um sweaty I'm actually a Thalassocratic Socialist??? Duh????

The means of production should obviously belong to the captains of seafaring vessels

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wifey @saturnoc made this because I threw images at her and said "please make this"

follow her for more art, or i'll be sad that you didn't follow her for more art

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Therapist: Dio Ganondorf isnt real. He cannot hurt you.

Dio Ganondorf:

new animal crossing villager 

i'll be honest when I finally move out I never ever wanna hear another drum set again

I wonder how insufferable my ambitions and dreams would be if I hadn't already pulped them with knowing I'll probably never be able to afford a house or pay off my tuition debt.

I know people use the phrase "the future has been stolen from us" to mourn the Soviet Union but like

the future *has* been stolen from us.

and it makes me so tired

broke: become rich, retire as a philanthropist

woke: become the rad community grandparents who grow lots of plants and are badass hardcore communists

“What’s that Lassie?”

“Bark Bark!”

“Timmy farted so hard it launched him into orbit?”

“Bar bark bark”

“Oh, sorry, it launched him into space, but you’re not sure he achieved orbital velocity”

oh shit, i've literally never stopped to consider that Bernie Sanders might be married. i guess he is. huh

if evangelical christianity were a person i would shoot them with a gun faster than you could say "sola fide"

healthcare, free tuition and my gf very close to me right now really. that's all I want.

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people keep asking me what I want like i dunno man, shit that I just can't have or can't afford really


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