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my YouTube rantsona is just gonna be one of those little 99 cent cups of colored gelatin with googly eyes glued to the front and felt angry eyebrows glued above that and a little hammer and sickle made out of cardboard paper taped to a toothpick and punctured through the top

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Being a history major is just slam dunking a cardboard box of 200-year-old correspondence into a barrel of lemon juice and screaming about Benjamin Franklin's dick

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Um sweaty I'm actually a Thalassocratic Socialist??? Duh????

The means of production should obviously belong to the captains of seafaring vessels

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wifey @saturnoc made this because I threw images at her and said "please make this"

follow her for more art, or i'll be sad that you didn't follow her for more art

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every other song on Spirit Phone is a fun little bop about a haunted game boy or whatever and then this 3 minute song about the interaction of capitalism, depression, and self-worth hits you like a truck

one of the best songs about how modern life is an endless shitty treadmill is "I Earn My Life" by Lemon Demon but everyone ignored it because it was by the two trucks guy

under full communism, fuit gummy will be provided to all

I'm gonna be the one jackass in Wisconsin who knows German -and- Japanese

Gonna try to learn Japanese again because German is lowkey kinda boring me

If you call me heckin pupper to my face I will absolutely fight you

Buppi and pubby are the only currency I accept

You a simple pleeb: youtube recommends songs you might like
Me an amazing badass: bo staff tricks and lock breaking tips

straight men be like "im to repressed to properly move on from my divorce so im going to force my 13 year old son to do all the emotional heavy lifting in our relationship"

every dollar that you contribute to my art does not go towards my art it goes towards increasingly high effort shitposts

Politics, climate, extinction rebellion 

"Anything but rap or country" I say, as I show you my record collection of balinese gamelan orchestral music, tuvan throat singing, and 80s free jazz

Noodles & Company sucks shit

Like wow I get to empty my wallet for lukewarm pasta and fountain soda in a place uncomfortably reminiscent of Starbucks, very cool

destiny 2 thoughts: if i meet one more quirky joss whedon robot in this game i am going to go ape crap

violent movie mention, --- 

What’s up followers, it’s another Bad Post Wednesday

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