Yo, pigs are smarter then cops, and also cute, and also sacred, so i'm asking yall to come up with a better animal kingdom / insect / parasitic entity to use as an expression for cops and want to see some fediverse suggestions

Petition for cops to be referred to as ticks from now on

@Bashabez5 trying to figure out what other animal can be so authoritarian, rigid, and maybe fire ants or hornets?

@velexiraptor @amphetamine @Bashabez5 on the bee to shit head spectrum, yellow jackets are big shit heads in my experience. itching for a fight, overreacting to imagined threats, buzzing around stuff they don't actually care about. so i offer

blue jackets

@Bashabez5 see the problem here is that no matter what creature you choose, it's still going to be insulting to compare them to cops

@Bashabez5 i suggest we call them, cops. they are the worst parasitic entity of all

@Bashabez5 (i guess that implies that they are an invading alien force, not something we humans created on our very own)

@Bashabez5 I think no matter what animal we compare cops too, it insults the animal.

@salad_bar_breath @Bashabez5 idk, the tongue replacing isopod is a pretty vile creature in my opinion, I would be cool with calling cops that if it wasn't such a mouthful

@Awizadofearthsea @Bashabez5

Well the tounge louse are pretty vile on the outside looking in. But unlike cops, they play a role in healthy ecosystems, and unlike cops, are just doing what they do because they have to, not because they're racist assholes with an abusive complex working on behalf of a violent state.

@Bashabez5 guineas? they are incredibly dumb, butt ugly, and frequently aggressive

@Bashabez5 oh fuck i forgot that’s already a slur against italians

@Bashabez5 brown marmorated stink bugs

also, i think there are plants that would work!

plant-based cop slur idea 

@Bashabez5 @popstar the conquistadors & colonists DID use non native pigs as a terraforming tool and bio weapon to unleash foreign disease onto the indigenous population 🤔 The gov uses fed pigs for similar purposes 🤷🏽‍♀️

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