Learn about indigenous peoples, and who's land you stand on. Which tribe, which confederacy, which language grouping, learn the history. We're still here.


Kentucky (kantoke) has a interesting history even pre Colombian.

The Shawnee would hunt across the river in Kantoke, but would not stay overnight as a rule(I am sure many did, dismissing the ghost stories) but there were few settlements here within a day’s trip of the river.

A lot of legends about haunted war grounds. A lot of pre-columbian burials, but not many after 1300-1400 AD.

I wonder what the real story was that caused a decreased ongoing settlement in the area.

It has been a mystery as far as I know. Just weird legend surrounding it.

@Bashabez5 in australia at formal events we have an acknowledgement of country and they say what tribes land ur on do they do that in america

@skelltan @Bashabez5 it's becoming a thing in Canada, I have not experienced this in the US

I stand on the unceeded traditional territory of the Lekwungen speaking peoples. I've had the privilege meet and learn from elders and work alongside many individuals in my work to understand and raise awareness around the climate crisis. These people have much to teach us.

@Bashabez5 I’m from Cherokee land in Tennessee (Tanasi) originally, but now I live on Potomac land in Virginia.

@Bashabez5 when I was on 4th grade we had a unit on the Leni Lenape tribe whose land we occupied.

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