White leftists have no footing to claim that what a democratically elected indigenous man did while in power, (a man who pulled MILLIONS out of poverty and IMF backed destruction, who united the indigenous peoples, one who nationalized many of their natural resources to fight back against corporatization) "wasn't enough", to hold a microscope to their perceived pitfalls and mistakes/poor policy positions, while ignoring the megatons of good and the importance of having leftist indigenous representation in Latin America, is honestly your whiteness showing fuckin HARD

If you ain't up in arms over the coup and the amount of racism and abuse the indigenous people are facing as a result and have the "well..actuaally.." attitude about it, then block me. Either you can learn, listen, and understand, or you can leave.

This is a fascist anti-indigenous US backed Coup in order to destablize the country to steal the resources they wished to nationalize.

Stop repeating neolib talking points.

@Bashabez5 i'm with you. it's pretty obvious everything that's happening here, and it'd be a waste of time to look for "here's how this is actually good" sorts of angles

@Absolutely_Blakely i've seen SO many "leftists" doing it across all Social media platforms. It pisses me off

@Bashabez5 *wiping my mouth after guzzling a big barrel of slime labelled "neoliberalism"* you know actually democracy is when the cia does a coup in latin america


The coup leader is literally tweeting about how the government has been clensed of satanic indegenous people. Like, jesus fucking christ how stupid do you need to be to both sides this?

@Bashabez5 Arrgghh other White Lefties are doing this *on Masto*?!?!

@Bashabez5 It staggers the imagination how white liberals magically know whether or not someone was "bad" or "a dictator" in hindsight from listening to one or two talking points from the news about someone after they've already been removed from power, or are about to be. How do they know these things about these countries that they honestly could probably not locate on a map? Well, it's simple: Someone on TV who was called an expert told them that was the case, and why would an expert lie?

@Bashabez5 Wow don't know how to take that. Why are people so filled with so much hate

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