Here are some examples of
pαnawάhpskewi (penobscot) and other wabanaki double curve designs. This was our traditional writing style/art form before colonization. Each symbol tells a story and has its own meaning which is also different depending on the context its used in.


The myth that "native americans didnt have a written language" is a false one, our tribe isnt an outlier in this case in the least, this was our written language it just wasnt colonized, europeanized and alphabetized like the settlers were used to.

@Bashabez5 It's beautiful too. Is there a significance to one of the characters having a clear symmetry break when the rest all seem pretty bilaterally symmetrical?

@eldang there is, each differentiation holds its own subtle change in meaning and significance, whether that be based on time, season, person, etc.

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