here's a take that's not that hot because it's clearly painfully obvious:
IQ tests are racist
IQ tests are ableist
IQ tests do not provide any actual basis for intelligence, wisdom, ability, or creativity which are abstract concepts all varying in meanings and degrees, and using IQ score numbers and results as a way to prove ones superiority over others is disingenuous as fuck and completely false.

IQ is just "pop science" "metric". I have yet to see a serious scientific paper that would use it. Psychological research uses a wide variety of other metrics, that are lot more specific to the problem at hand.

@Bashabez5 Yeah IQ really measure a very little part of one's whole.

@Bashabez5 Pseudo science lingers because it provides a political purpose. As ever, 'cui bono' should be our guide.

@Bashabez5 IQ tells me one thing about a person: Whether or not the person is asshole enough to use IQ.

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