when I was about 5 years old, my grandfather who's a carpenter sent me to the garage to find his square so he could measure something. I happily agreed, and then went and looked for so long, but despite my best efforts, I couldn't find anything square shaped. I lost my mind when he came in after wondering what was taking so long and said "what do you mean you couldn't find it? it's right here" then proceeded to pick up what is most definitely a triangle.

@BestGirlGrace @Bashabez5 you ever wield one of these like a battle axe? It's pretty fun.

@radicalrobit @BestGirlGrace @Bashabez5 my mother is an artist and had one and I may have pretended to be a viking with a battle Axe a few times with her t-square

@whiskeysailor @radicalrobit @Bashabez5 I've got a slide rule somewhere with a nice sheath-like leather case. I should get it fitted with a belt loop hook or something.

@Bashabez5 One time I told a five year old to hurry up putting his coat on or he’ll miss the boat.

He proceeded to look for the boat.

@Bashabez5 ppl sometimes call tools that help measure Right Angles "square"

@gattogateaux oh i know that now! but this was maybe the first time in my childhood i experienced what i perceived at the time to be betrayal

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