Grant applications fuckin suck. Like all these seriously great orgs devoted to different but similar and equally important work, competing and crushing eachother in hopes to meet funding to further their mission, when one comes out on top all of the fantastic work the others do is stifled and now at risk of being able to continue. It's honestly a pretty shitty system to be a part of, and these grants are how we as nonprofits function, (as well as donations obv), its sad to see the hording of resources to the point of essentially putting us in the Colosseum and passing on funding to the last person standing.

Simple fix: Just give us all of the money for everything

And almost all of the grant funding comes from rich old white men, a group of people who sit atop the high throne and have no goals in being removed from it or having their positions / stations challenged, or the systems they benefit from radically toppled, its why so many orgs, even if POC-run seem to tow the line of white liberalism and reformism, because otherwise theyll lose the big rich white donors and the grant funding due to being too "radical" or "divisive" Sure there are ways around this, but the funding is so far and few between that finding those who are truly radical with monetary funds to handout to these groups is rare af. Ill say that grassroots strictly from small donations is great, and that poor people do tend to give more, but also its so much harder to sustain.

@Bashabez5 You nailed it.

If you want to become even more outraged/discouraged, read Winners Take All by Anand Ghiridharadas. It’s a disgusting system.

@Bashabez5 the last grant I worked on put me in the hospital with atrial fibrillation. I left academia.

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