Funny to me that blackface is enough to do in trudeau but him supporting pipelines through indigenous lands and attacking tribal soveriengty is not worthy.


For real though like, blackface is racist af. But where is this level of anger and outrage when his policies have literally killed people, or punished them for being people of color?


Yeah honestly was surprised to see so many leftists still hold him in high esteem up until now?

I mean in general Canada gets a lot of benefit of the doubt from Americans despite also engaging in genocide and the like.

@Bashabez5 it's crap, but optics. Blackface you can literally see the racism in a photo. It's all about plausible deniability. "We were very responsible with how we built the pipelines, who knew the pipes would leak."

@kamiten thats a good point, hard to point out the racism in "well candian first nations women being sterilized is appalling and we will do something about it!" *Nothing is done*

@Bashabez5 literally out of -sight- out of mind. "I'm not responsible for their doctors but someone should do something" and the follow through is gone.

@Bashabez5 I could be wrong but I suspect that a lot of Definite Experts on Racism™ are busy paying attention to specific individual actions that people are doing. If a prime minister personally does something abhorrent and bigoted, he finally becomes racist, but if he is just signing off on laws and policy documents and executive orders without actually wielding the guns and bulldozers that kill people and ruin their livelihoods, he's just doing his job

not sure what's being said here. is it that real racism is lesser or more than the action described, or that this is still racist or not?

@merlose_loire @Bashabez5 I'm not necessarily following what you're asking, in turn, but all the behaviors mentioned in my own post are racist. Neoliberal thinking pretends only the personal, directly-performed actions are racist though.

that's more clear! yeah the idea of racism as only the individual and not the structure is de rigeur, I didn't wanna drag you when I thought you weren't saying liberal stuff but I was reading it that way.

thanks for clarifying, yeah fuck neoliberalism's hiercharchical traumas

@merlose_loire @Bashabez5 apologies, my original reply was fairly sarcasm-laden but maybe not in an adequately clear way. I'll bear that in mind for the future.

@Bashabez5 @LexYeen Because we live in an age of aesthetics, not of reason. It doesn't matter, in the public opinion, what you do, but rather how you do it.

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