There is a town in Maine called Skowhegan. The city is built atop mass graves of the Abenaki people who were massacred by colonists.

Earlier this year, after much protest and many meetings, they finally decided to retire the highschools mascot of an indian.

Today, members on the schoolboard, city council, police force, postal workers and many others within the network of local businesses are all openly racist against native peoples. Hundreds of death threats have been directed towards Penobscot women, especially towards our tribal ambassador, there have been rape threats, comments on lynching, and murder.

Native women are 10x more likely to go missing or be murdered than any other group in the country.

So many white people are still selling merchandise with racist caricatures on it, some sell a "scalp towel", others are crying about their "Indian Pride"

This shit is literally throughout the entire city. It's like a virus.

@Bashabez5 I bet that thumbnail shows a room full of white old boomers

[opens up picture]

ahhh, yup.

@radicalrobit @Bashabez5 we can't change anything every if it upsets me!!! I don't care if it is deeply upsetting to you or is actually harmful, me me me me me me

@Bashabez5 Native Americans are still treated as 3rd class citizens. I used to volunteer on the Tohono O'odham res in Arizona. I was one of the few whites accepted. I taught computers and networking to anyone interested. The Tohono O'odham people ended up teaching me about spirituality. I also helped build a network on the res to connect to the internet. The Tohono are a wonderful people that we could learn a lot from!

@Bashabez5 Turners Falls, Massachusetts retired their racist native american high school mascot a couple years back and the ongoing reaction is pretty similar.

I waded into one discussion about it on FB but my suggestion that they change the team name to the "Turners Falls Crackers" was not well received.

@Bashabez5 wow this is gross. "Scalp towels"?!? How absolutely disgusting and racist.

White people's view of NAs as "noble savages who I can scream for in a sports arena but never acknowledge as stewards of the land/environment as I drive my diesel SUV to little Jimmy's game" is so fucking wild. They KNOW and yet still purposely fuck off like this. (White) Pride indeed.

@Bashabez5 Good lord! Makes me wonder how much the same thing happened where I live. There could be mass graves all over the place, for all we know.

@Bashabez5 These failures of human beings got in their cars, drove to Hobby Lobby or whatever, spent money to buy poster board, spent time making signs at home, and attended a meeting. All that effort to protest the suggestion that they merely pump the brakes on rampant racism. 🙄​

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