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In a rich man's house there is no place to spit but his face.

Has anyone ever listened to this? Lmao, its like.. instead of making a good album, they instead decided to make two short mediocre albums totally different stylistically and cobbled them together into one cohesive steaming pile of shit.

Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me is such a garbage album haha, holy shit

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English Speakers Arguing About The Pronunciation Of French Words (ASMR) (24 Hours)

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will the real john healyn please stand up, please stand up

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this is the worst day in the history of this web site

Did anyone watch the Zizek vs Peterson debate? Can you spare me having to watch it and just tell me how bad it was?

Much of white European history can be summed up in this one monty python screenshot.

I'm trying to find the diary entries by one of the famous early colonizers of America, who when first meeting natives couldn't stop obsessing over and writing about how "clean and beautiful" they were.

Like, yeah you stinky fuck. Because they practiced basic hygene and didn't roll around in their own shit like y'all Europeans did.

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"socially liberal/fiscally conservative"

read: "i'm a racist stoner and also i hate poor people"

It honestly doesn't surprise me that the dude from Wavves went on to become a gentrifying landlord who charges upwards of $4,000/month for an apartment. Like, it just makes sense that that would be his natural progression, you know?

Grimes: technofascist

Also I can't handle the "am a bit of a socialist but not economically" take.

The ice caps are gonna melt before the media stops talking about the fuckin mueller probe.

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like this and ill think bout u for a few seconds before i go to sleep 😴

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