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I'm trying to get as many native/indigenous collaborators for music / art as possible, regardless of distance or region.

Let's make beautiful things in the face of all the horror.

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Violence is not just hitting someone in the face. Violence is passing legislation and policies to deny a sick persons access to healthcare. Violence is removing peoples autonomy and the ability to have safe abortions. Violence is removing funding for food programs that help feed the starving. Violence is dismantling housing and aid programs that help the homeless. Violence is sanctions placed on "third world" nations leading to starvation and death. Violence is the criminalization of drug use. Violence is discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender or lack thereof, race, ability, or age. Violence isn't just throwing fists or shooting people. Violence has evolved with our society to be far more cunning, shifting and bureaucratic than that.

Removing someones ability to hand out harm reduction services to help prevent overdoses and the spread of disease in their neighborhood is inherently an act of violence.

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Part 2. 

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3. Maine Indigenous Peoples History, Post Colonization. A thread. 

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1. Maine Indigenous Peoples History, Post Colonization. A thread. 

#Haiti marks beginning of 7th week of recent cycle of national protests to topple repressive US/Trump-backed govt of #PHTK/@moisejovenel. Protest leaders claim press is underreporting killing, wounded, arrests & disappeared by brutal corrupt police & foreign mercenaries.

But i think this is technically new hampshire? Idfk

@Bashabez5 i can't even imagine the things that had to go through their minds that made them settle on "yes, this is a good idea"

This placebo homeopathic pain pill would definitely work if i could only remember that I took it

Wizards, it goes without saying, are the upper-middle and upper-class. They stand for members of the media, politicians, bankers, high-ranking civil servants and cops. They govern in necessary secret, far from the eyes of the Muggles (POCs and working-class).

US pol - suicide joke 

Its great that I made this post today based on past experiences, and then had it happen 7 times today.

Scary question, put me there 

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