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In a rich man's house there is no place to spit but his face.

Anyone know if it's possible to change the settings in Mastodon so that all posts are defaulted to dyslexic friendly fonts such as OpenDyslexic or Dyslexie?

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I just got follow requested by a serial killer stan account.

The Teal album? No thanks Weezer, I'd much prefer to just listen to the original songs. If I wanted to listen to a bunch of shitty covers I'd just go to any of the local dive bars on a given night.

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the skilled/unskilled labor distinction drives me crazy because "unskilled" labor actually requires lots of skills and accomplishes most of the day to day shit we need to actually survive, and the distinction only serves to divide the working class

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OH, by the way, if you ever come across some idiot who believes "Capitalism is freedom" remind them that South America exists.

Argentina, for example, endured a decade of brutal, US backed millitary dictatorship in the 70's to maintain capitalism. THIRTY THOUSAND PEOPLE were kidnapped, tortured and murdered, most of the bodies werenever found.

We, from the south, endured it, so the american capitalists could enjoy their profits, and for the US middle class to enjoy better living standards.

I do apologize masto-friends. But there may be a bit of current issue posted from my account, not necessarily US politics, but just giving a fair warning. Also, most of it just because I think its funny.

Here's a cursed thing.

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if you successfully bofa a sitting senator, the secret service puts you on a watch list

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Scientists confirm, it may not be possible to “live laugh love” all at the same time

I will boost this post next year when this inevitably happens.

*In 2020 the dems running for president tweeting about how Kissinger has finally left his rotting shell.*

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