if you were going to put a pink floyd song on a best sax solos in pop music list why would you pick "money" over "shine on you crazy diamond"

nice thing about being a nobody is that you never get asked to pick a side when discord cliques are yelling at each other

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Best horror comedy?

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fred is the most useless member of the scooby gang but he calls all the shots. really makes u thin'k

i searched for "bambi" on gamefaqs and did not get a single result

i can only assume this is due to some kind of gamer disinformation campaign

guitar crap 

christopher columbus thinks he can buy me off with a day off but fuck that guy

replacing all those individual guitar stands with a rack has gone a long way towards making my room less cluttered
i can see parts of the floor i haven't seen in months if not years

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Its indigenous peoples day, youre a colonizer if you dont boost my posts

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theres a video on youtube of some guy cheerfully tallying the “kill count” for the movie the witch and i watched a couple minutes waiting for the twist that it was a parody but it wasnt

i wonder how dino cazares stacks up against james hetfield as far as bionic right hands go

welp this movie wasn't a tiny bit good

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"check it out! we learned this makeup technique from the guys in slipknot!"

boy this movie really wants us to get a good long look at the bye bye man costume, full frame in bright lighting

love it when a movie flashes back to something that happened earlier in the movie, like they think we're too dumb to remember

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