not much on mine yet since it's just stuff i've watched in like the last week
can't be bothered to try to remember every movie i've watched in the last 37 years

*wakes up suddenly from a great slumber*

there's one to get rid of her scars too
i didn't see one for "make her biceps smaller" but it's probably in there somewhere

there's a mod on nexus to remove kassandra's war paint in asscreed odyssey
the hell is wrong with these people

back in the 30s you could just have an overt alcoholic in a movie and people would be like "ha! i love this guy"

apparently when you've got criterion channel and nothing to do you'll do fucked up stuff like watch stagecoach

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i'm glad the ~modern framing device~ part of asscreed odyssey was like 30 seconds long
30 seconds more than i wanted but it's a drastic improvement over the older games

good lord an asscreed game that lets you play a female character

why the hell would i pick beardy mcwhitedude

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🎡 One, one, one o'clock, one o'clock, rock
One, one, one o'clock, one o'clock, rock
One, one, one o'clock, one o'clock, rock
We're gonna change the batteries in the clock tonight 🎡

@garfield please explain the end of simon of the desert to me

i didn't go to college, will i get anything out of watching "breathless"

i have finally gotten mature enough to admit to myself that as badly as i've always aspired to be an intellectual, i'm a knucklehead at heart

"oh right this is why everybody beats off about morbid angel"

listened to altars of madness today for the first time in a while and goddamn that album kicks ass

*watches all the buΓ±uel movies that got recycled into monty python bits* ah, i can feel my brain getting bigger

I am waiting at the entrance of Mastodon with my sword just in case a Krassenstein tries to sneak in

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