woke up at 4:33 this morning and silently mouthed the word "nice"

you can't see it in this picture but the backing is also pink, giving the whole thing a lovely radioactive watermelon color scheme

may have found the perfect strap for the magical girl strat

i bet they'll get an interesting patina eventually

i think i might just cover the entire back of my squier in sweetwater stickers
god knows what else i'll do with them

either that or somebody is using my email to be an asshole

apparently the latest thing in spam emails is pretending to be women who are disgusted at pictures you are DMing them

ace of spades is such a great song it tricked me into thinking i liked motorhead

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When they get into Area 51 the most important thing is to check the bathrooms for any alien ass-cleaning technology.

if there really are aliens at area 51 they must be pretty bored by now

oh hey i finally got the seasonic rebate i sent away for 2+ months ago

and it's in the least useful possible form, a prepaid debit card

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if I were a soundcloud rapper I would get these (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜) tatted above my eyebrows

dammit the latest batch of firefly guitars is going to hit amazon on the 15th
hope the one i want isn't sold out by the time the walkout ends

i feel like i ought to get 3 or 4 million good boy points for not eating the entire pizza

leave the fish people alone, miles teller has the real innsmouth look

dude looks like he gets up and does his Disarming Smile exercise in the mirror every morning and as soon as he's done his face just goes completely blank

i honestly thought my "no" on the miles teller poll was going to be the contrarian choice since he hits all the Generically Attractive buttons but i guess everyone else on the TL saw the same yawning emptiness behind his eyes that i did

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floppy dot tokyo, everyone. at least they're upfront about it :/
boosts welcome.

currently imagining this pickguard on this guitar and slowly going mad

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