world of horror is cool as heck
i know y'all been waiting for me to weigh in on this

i don't care how much taco discourse there is, i'm not going to stop going to taco bell

i know it's an extremely stale take to point out how fucked up willy wonka & the chocolate factory is when you watch it as an adult but goddamn

"look at this guy here blocking my attacks, wait until he gets a face full of charged force hammer"
*charged force hammer gets blocked*

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i wonder why they went to all the bother of implementing an element quick-change system in darksiders 3 when it does fucking nothing in combat

It's loaded these the other way round, but you get the gist. It's my birthday, give me boosts

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it's wild to watch a movie so old it has a george bush 1 impersonator in it

my cat's disgruntled that i'm putting treats in the treat feeder instead of pouring them directly in his mouth

which are you more offended by

lewd, also creepy 

even at the absolute peak of my avant-garde phase i could never get even 1% into stockhausen

it sounds like the sort of sophomoric sexual slang that would be in a bloodhound gang or mr. bungle song but i have no idea what it would mean

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i had to sneeze on the bus this morning so i sneezed onto my jacket sleeve like a civilized person, and the phrase "sneeze on my sleeve" has been haunting me ever since

We talked about this on my podcast and I was outvoted 2 to 1: is Bowser (of Super Mario Bros.) a snob or a slob?

this is funnier if you know what it sounds like but unfortunately typing out "dunt dunt dunt dunt dunt" doesn't help most people very much

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darksiders 3 has a little five-note cello sting that plays whenever you solve a puzzle and i've decided that the words are "you have done the thing"

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