this is close to the 90sest possible music video

it just needs some posterize effects and maybe a fisheye lens but i think at that point they might be flying too close to the sun

i hope the people who join jeff bezos' private army figure out before it's too late that he's not going to save them an escape pod

Basketball but there are no lines on the court so you just have to kind of guess

stave off aging by becoming a vampire and staying young forever

getting old is better than dying but i think the ideal would be if you could figure out a way to not do either

I will quip as I die like a badass. Bet on it

Ok so here's the pitch: it's a movie with every bald actor in Hollywood. Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Patrick Stewart, Vin Diesel, The Rock, Jason Alexander, the works. I haven't worked out a plot yet but it'll probably have one

"rime of the ancient mariner" lasted exactly long enough for me to get the dishes done
good job boys

americans and australians were natural allies against the brits

i spent my formative posting years on simracing forums with almost no other americans so i became fairly familiar with the various nations of the commonwealth and how to troll them

i also learned that the word "aluminum" makes brits go hog wild
you never seen so much angry typing

i once saw a dude from england get mad that american pronounced "water" like "wa-ter" instead of "war-tuh" so after that i pretty much stopped paying any attention to english dudes getting salty about american accents

imagine thinking english spelling ever made any sense ever

it does look absolutely spectacular though
they did a fantastic job of going modern and high-res while still keeping the look and feel of the old games

pretty disappointed in the dragon quest 11 soundtrack tbh
going back to samplers after using an actual orchestra in dq8 feels really low rent
plus the loops are way too short for such a slow-paced game

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somebody on steam wrote a negative review of ace combat 7 because it's "unrealistic"
my dude this is the 7th ace combat how do you not know the score yet

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