i was watching "breathless" and couldn't think about anything other than how much of a prick the main character was

starting to think i'm just too dumb for art of any sort

i've developed a scientific theory i call Tiny Extremely Close Sun which states that the sun is very small and no more than a few feet away

you know what's awesome is getting to a part of a game you remember being bad and then finding that it's even worse than you remember

did a thing happen while i was off doing other stuff

*listening to atmospheric neo-folk acoustic black metal* wait a minute, this is just new age music

food waste 

curse you underripe peaches
you smell sweet and delicious but you are as hard as actual rocks

"i'm only watching streams from one of you, now let's see which of you wants it more"

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forcing my smart tv and my smart blu-ray player into an unhealthy competition over which is smarter

joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcast

not to mention the camera is *so bad*
like it's actively trying to kill you

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dark souls 3 is not exactly a sprightly game but it's like driving a ferrari compared to this shit

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playing dark souls 1 for the first time in forever and good lord how did we ever put up with this

welp somethingawful seems to be imploding so i guess i'll finally have to start using discord

man the first dark souls is way slower and clunkier than i remembered

this is the world's least interesting music
they play like they're afraid of waking their mom up

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listening to a grateful dead concert on youtube in the hope that it would be hilariously awful but so far it's just been really boring

what is so fascinating about blackface that people just can't stop doing it

the vampires especially are chewing the scenery like a pack of tim curries

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