Mika doesn't want to say he hates me when I do something silly, so instead he'll inform me he "has strong feelings about me in the current moment"

Picture of a person and a dog 

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I did an hour long corn maze in 36 minutes with Sam >:)

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Please look at my children

Swampert isn’t here because he’s at Sam’s ;-;

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@nahstradamus let’s just get this out of the way.

I nominate mika for chief of our commune

it’ll happen anyway

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whenever my bf asks me "how did you become such a cute boy" i say "by kissing cute boys," implying i am siphoning the cute out of all the boys. soon i will be the cutest boy.

censored transphobic slur 

censored transphobic slur 

censored transphobic slur 

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Mika: I never got fooooood
Me: Well what'r we gonna do about that
Mika: *starts biting me*

When your bf cranks up the heat so you'll take your clothes off relationship goals met

Today i went from calling someone out for ableist rhetoric, to helping them sign up for therapy. I did not expect that turn.

I banned someone today on a large gaming discord I moderate for saying slurs. People were upset that I banned someone. They told me I shouldn't be moderating the non-public channels on the server.

People are more upset about bans for slurs than they are about people saying slurs

"I have no responsibilities in the closet"

- Mika, hiding in the closet

*adds line to working program*

*Program crashes*

Well that's not good

*Removes line, program still crashes*


I had my nails painted for the first time yesterday AMA

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