I regularly forget that if I write a post while viewing someone's profile it posts it @ them

Me: I love you
Mika: I love you too!
Me: I love you too!
Mika: what
Me: what?


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@Azura Fuck intersections, make roundabouts.

Better yet, fuck cars, build trains.

Traffic rant 

There's an intersection I drive through every day that gives me so much anxiety because no one knows how to go through it

Me: *not paying attention to Mika for literally 2 seconds*

Mika: *ramming his head into me for attention*

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Crying's not just ok, crying's cool :yell:

I just typed my post into the search bar because I know how to use this site

Good morning Fedi, I hope everyone has a nice day or is having a nice day

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traffic ranting, caps 

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20s culture is bullying the first person who turns 22 for being extremely old

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I'm a gender agnostic..there could be genders out there, and who am i to say?


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clearly by my tl this weekend is the boyfriend weekendℒ️​, and we should all celebrate accordingly

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