Kink, pics of naked bottom 

A study in the evolving state of skin subjected to impact.

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These panels from Sophie Labelle’s comic, “Assigned Male” really nail it:

kink meme 

When your new partner thinks they understand your kinks and wants to explore them:


When your gf finally tries your kink and likes it more than she expected

Kink, strong eye contact 

This is only tangentially related, but let’s also just take a moment to appreciate how fucking hot Sinclair Sexsmith *is*:

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TFW you find two somewhat unrelated kinks interact in the *perfect* way.

Since our child was very little we have always had them pick out gifts for us on the appropriate holidays. We started this around the time they were 3 or 4 because it’s hilarious to see what someone that age selects for an adult.

So to understand the birthday gift my 8 year old got me, you have to know that they call me “Audr” (pronounced ODD-er). It was what they chose when they were 5 and we were like “ummm Daddy isn’t gonna work anymore.”

You should also know that this year they bought @caprimoon a stuffed Narwhal.

So this is my gift, a stuffed otter—a “Bashful Otter,” according to the tag. My child suggested the name “Poker” because that’s what I do all day—play poker. 😆

US electoral politics, maps are fun to play with 

Let me first say:
I didn’t draw this map because I love Joe Biden. I really can’t stand him, and the milquetoast liberalism he represents.

This is based on spending way too much time staring at numbers and watching the massive early turnout that has been occurring all month.

Here’s the thing: this isn’t likely to be close unless the fascists get away with some bullshit.

So yeah, the real map will probably be different in some way I don’t expect, but we’ll see.

All I can say is that the new spherical Spy Machine announced by Amazon today is very 2020.

It literally looks like an electronic device designed to harm you.

diagnostic testing cont.

Just know that this sentence is wrong:
“If you’re testing a population with a base rate as low as five per cent, even a test with ninety-per-cent sensitivity and specificity will still miss half of all cases,”

Under such a scenario, there will be a lot of false positives, but there won’t be many false negatives, in fact, the Bayesian Breakdown looks like this:

1000 people
950 are well and 855 correctly test negative, while 95 falsely test positive.
50 are sick and 45 test correctly test positive and 5 falsely test negative. (See pic)

We still only see 10 percent of “cases missed” not the “half” that the author cites. In fact, a negative test becomes a correct predictor 99.6% of the time under these circumstances.

This is an example where a positive result and a negative result have very different values. A negative test can rule out a diagnosis with some confidence and a positive test really just calls for further investigation.

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A very dear and wonderful person who recently entered my life took this photo of me on Labor Day. It’s one of the most amazing photos of myself that I have ever seen someone else take. As soon as she showed it to me I began to tear up. I see myself, so fully and completely. I look so incredibly and sincerely happy. Even as the world around me literally burns, I have more joy in my life now than I can really ever remember.

The third anniversary of the day I figured out that I am trans is coming up, and I plan on using this picture in my social media posts. I think it sums up where I am at so well.

Serving up “Femme, but ready to romp in the forest.”

(Image description: a white woman taking a selfie in front of a mirror wearing a blue tank top, open plaid shirt with sleeves rolles up, green knee length hiking pants, and grey adidas sneakers)

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Medication PSA to Save $$ (uncaptioned image) 

If you don’t have health insurance (and even if you do, and it’s shit), you should be aware of GoodRx.

This website essentially allows you to receive a massive...massive discount on prescription medication. It also costs absolutely nothing.

For example:
My Estradiol Valerate vial has a retail price around $190. After this discount is applied, it can be as cheap as $65.

The discount varies depending on the drug and the pharmacy. So I actually have my prescriptions filled at 3 different pharmacies, to take advantage of the lower price.

And switching pharmacies is incredibly easy, fyi. Just walk into the cheap pharmacy and tell them you want to transfer your scrip. The coupon is actually the same format as an insurance card, and that’s when you should let them know, at dropoff.

There is just absolutely no reason anyone should ever ever pay full price.

(The one caveat, the discount is far less useful for v expensive drugs like PrEP)

My child got this Dark Llamacorn plush for their birthday yesterday.

Tell me if your reaction to this is the same as mine. 👀

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