I hate cleaning my own space. It often feels overwhelming, and while I generally enjoy being in a minimalistic room, modern organization usually means that my brain—which lacks object permanence—forgets that I own the things that aren’t in front of my own face.

This tends to mean that I live in clutter, and that clutter will build and make cleaning (vacuuming, dusting etc) difficult to accomplish. When I actually do clean it often means that the entire experience is both physically and emotionally exhausting. I have been known to be unpleasant afterwards.

Yesterday we rearranged about 75% of the furniture in our living room *and* I *didn’t* have a meltdown.

Was it being dommed into it? Was it having a lot of help? Was it having her frequently check-in on my emotional state? Was it knowing that support was available if I did have emotional trouble?


@AudreyJune this is good and pure and im fuckin hyped for this post tbh

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