Alright, I wrote a long thing, and I am going to publicly post the link.

This started as a two sentence mastodon post...and then I just kept going.

It isn’t a sharp polished piece, but merely a look into my head right now as I exist as a white trans lesbian in the PNW of the US.

If we sat down and had a conversation, and you just let me talk for 10 or 15 minutes, this is what I might say, except I would say “like” a lot.

Content warnings for fascism, transphobia, cults, GRS, USpol, and just general darkness.

I am not really even sure who the audience for this piece is, beyond people who are interested in what I think.

I do want to say that yes, this country has always been terrible. Yes, every president was bad (a children’s book I want to write someday, btw). But I don’t think that any of the awfulness of history precludes the possibility that we are hanging on a new precipice now.

@AudreyJune " we all ask ourselves “what would I need to do to keep myself and my loved ones safe if shit got bad tomorrow?” and look at the steps we can take now to be prepared for that scenario."

@AudreyJune this resonated a lot. Thank you for writing and sharing it.

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